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“Coder Express” with Ruby on Rails

Short Course to Learn Coding: Web Applications with Ruby on Rails.

  • Do you want to develop a web application as a part of your project or study programme?
  • Would you like to develop software to solve a problem in your workplace? Perhaps you have good IT literacy but not sure about the technical experience and process required to develop an application?
  • Do you like to refresh/improve your knowledge and skill of Web Application development with Ruby on Rails?
  • Are you interested in a tech startup or ICT for Development? How can you become a contributor to an ICT project?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, it is worth to consider following this course.

What is Ruby on Rail? Ruby on Rails is an excellent way for people new to programming to learn the concepts involved in creating fully-featured applications.

“Coder Express” is a 12-week program with 12 full-day workshops (Saturdays) at the University of Colombo School of Computing. You must bring your laptop to participate in the course and dedicate yourself to learn new things (Internet provided). You will be guided to design and develop a web-based application in the course and you will have to present it to others at a demo day upon completion. Course consists of F2F workshops, In-class challenges, Homework assessments, Quizzes, Major class project & Personal project.

More details and Syllabus of the Course:

Course Fee: Rs. 30,000/=

Course Duration: 04th January 2020 to 28th March 2020 – with demo day/certification on 11th/18th April 2020.

Online Registration:

For More Information:

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Telephone:- +94 -1- 2581245 ext. 8910 / 8911


Course Structure:

Module 1 — Introduction to web application development

  • Programming with Ruby, Intro to Ruby on Rails, Rails Explored, Rails Dissected

Module 2 — Class project

  • Application Design, Application Development, GitHub integration, Email configuration, Creating delayed jobs, SEO friendly pages with Slugs, Integration of Google Map API, In-app messaging, App deployment with Heroku

Module 3 – Build your own web application

  • Design, develop and deploy on your own project, Create admin dashboard, Integrate payment processing, Application security, Pitching your application to an audience

Resource Persons:

Peter Argent,  Head Teacher

After careers in hospitality and as a software consultant at IBM for 10 years, Pete has found his calling as an innovation, entrepreneurship and technology trainer. In 2013, Pete launched a coding school in Sydney, Australia and has taught Ruby on Rails to 1000’s of young professionals, aspiring tech startup founders, and people from many backgrounds. Pete believes learning should be fun so you can expect to enjoy the course with learning challenges and activities. For details about Peter

Pete’s TedX Talk: “I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords

Profile CV

Ben Kappel, Teaching Assistant

Ben has studied Electric Engineering and Information Technology in Germany. He has worked as a software engineer, trainer, author and consultant for several years. Now, located in Sri Lanka, he is excited about imparting new technology concepts to Sri Lankans. Ben’s website:

Priyantha Hewagamage, Facilitator

Hewagamage is a professor in Computer Science and present director of UCSC. He is a teacher in Software Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction and ICT for Education and Development. Hewa wants to promote Ruby on Rail among young developers and facilitates to develop the software for sustainable development in Sri Lanka. For details

Isuru Dharmadasa, Coordinator

Isuru is a lecturer at the UCSC and also teacher in Advanced Web Development, Software Engineering and Computer Networks. He has contributed significantly many system development projects at the University of Colombo. Isuru will coordinate to make things happened on time. For details