A gateway to a Professional career in Information and Communication Technology

The Computing Services Centre, which is the Consultancy arm of the UCSC was established in 1990 to provide Consultancy Services to the IT and related industries.


The activities undertaken by CSC are in three folds

  • Carrying out short term training courses
  • Providing software development and consultancy services
  • Coordinating with outside parties, who hire UCSC resources

Short Term Training Courses conducted by UCSC

The UCSC conducts specialised, short-term training programmes in the most advanced and up to date topics that are in demand in the industry. These programmes are designed with the aim of enabling the participants to learn about a particular programming language, a design methodology, new technologies or the use of specialized packages in small groups with close supervision. These courses are designed by the staff of UCSC and closely follows the industry needs and standards. Many of these courses are conducted over 7 to 10 days. Special programmes for individual groups from companies are arranged on demand. Certificates issued at CSC could be verified at http://www.ucsc.lk/verify using the certificate numbers.

Available Courses


Consultancy Services conducted by CSC

CSC undertakes the following consultancy services both in Public and Private sectors

  • Tender Evaluation
  • Systems Recommendation
  • Software Project Consulting and Development
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Acceptance Testing for Computer Hardware and Software
  • Planning and Conducting of Recruitment Testing


Coordinating with outside parties, who hire UCSC resources

CSC also facilitates hiring UCSC resources to outside parties when such resources are not used for UCSC activities considering the market rates. All such requests are evaluated to protect the reputation of University of Colombo before offering them, and they are monitored to protect the resources.


For further information please contact:

Computing Services Centre,

Mail Address – University of Colombo School of Computing
UCSC Building Complex
35, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7

Telephone:- +94 -1- 2581245 ext. 8910 / 8911

Fax :-  +94-1-2587239

E-mail:-  csc@ucsc.cmb.ac.lk