The University Health Services have been organized to assist students of the University to lead an active and healthy life which is free of mental and physical ailments. These services have been extended at present and health facilities are provided for the University employees as well.
There are two Medical Centers in the University. The main and the large Center is situated at Reid Avenue next to the new arts theater, while the other one is at the Medical Faculty. On weekdays these Centers are open from 8.30 a.m. to 3.45 p.m. except during the lunch interval between 12.30 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. These Centers are managed by qualified medical and nursing staff for out-patient treatment. The Patients who require special treatments and those who need to be hospitalized will be directed to the University Clinics at the Colombo Group of Hospitals.

Dental treatment service is available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at the health center of the University of Colombo.

  1. Medical Examinations

Medical examination forms are sent to all students along with their registration documents. The completed Medical Examination reports sent by the students will be filled at the health centre. In identification of any ailment that particular student will be directed to appropriate specialist clinic for treatment.

  1. Vaccination

On occasions when it becomes necessary, the University Health centers arrange vaccinations, against tuberculosis, typhoid etc. In case a student has any problem regarding vaccination, he/she is advised to contact the staff of the Health centre.

  1. Medical Counseling

Any student who needs to discuss his/her personal health problems should meet the University medical officer and if further assist from a psychiatrist or a psychologist is needed, the student will be directed to the relevant University clinics.

  1. Laboratory testing Facilities

Laboratory Testing Facilities for all University students and staff are available at the Medical Faculty and at the Reid Avenue Health Centre.

  1. Environmental Health 

The University health service is responsible for the maintenance of the environmental health within the University premises. A public Health Inspector, who is in charge of this field, is a member of the University staff. The Employees of the University canteens, restaurants and student hostels are also medically examined to ensure that they are healthy and do not carry any disease. University canteens, hostels and buildings are periodically examined by the PHI.

  1. Other Services.
  2. Issuing medical certificates to the staff and students when indicated.
  3. Recommendation of special medical leave for students.

iii Specialist advice and inpatient care is available on referral at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka.

  1. Special medical examination for scholarships and sports activities.
  2. Routine medical examination of new recruits.
  3. Issuing Medical certificates for driving license.

vii. Medical tests for extension of services of the staff.

viii. Supply of available medicines on long term for chronic illnesses (only for staff and students)

  1. Regulations regarding Medical certificates.
  2. All students who are unable to appear for theory and / or practical component of examinations /lectures due to medical reasons should submit a Medical certificate issued by the Chief Medical officer (CMO ) / university Medical officer (UMO) of the University of Colombo or a valid Medical  certificate recommended by the CMO / UMO if they seek relief.
  3. Such students should make a request in writing (by telegram to the Dean of respective Faculty /SAR /Examination) for a relief indicting the reasons for such absence within 3 (three) working days from the date of absence for such examinations /Lectures/ practical components.
  4. Students are strictly advised to follow the guidelines mentioned below in this regard. The Failure to follow the guidelines may result in the Medical Certificates not being accepted and the absence would be treated as one without valid excuse:


(a) A student who is sick during the period of examination should report to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) / University Medical officer (UMO) of the University of Colombo. The  CMO/UMO will examine the student and issue a Medical Certificate,   if necessary.

(b) When the CMO/UMO decides to issue a Medical Certificate, She/he will forward it to the Dean of the relevant Faculty/SAR/Examinations. It will be done within a period of two weeks. The Student with the issue is advised to verify with the Dean of the relevant Faculty /SAR/Examinations whether the Medical Certificate had been delivered by the CMO /UMO.


(a) If a student, who resides outside Colombo city limits, falls ill during the period of examination or finds it is difficult to report to the CMO/UMO due to the seriousness of the illness, he /she should preferably get the treatments from the nearest Government Medical institute or in exceptional cases from Registered Medical Practitioners or Institute.

(b) In such instances, the student should follow the procedure given below with regards to the submission of medical certificates:

(i) All Medical Certificates other than those issued by the CMO/UMO with the proof of informing to the Dean of respective Faculty /SAR  Examination,  should be forwarded to the CMO/UMO along with attached application form (when applicable) within 7 (seven) days from the last date of recommended medical leave.

(iii) (a) CMO/UMO has the discretion to decline the  recommendations or the

 observations on the Medical certificate submitted by a student after the above period.

(b) The following categories of Medical Certificates will be accepted only by the UMO /CMO by considering the date that the certificate has been submitted in terms of the above guidelines:

(i) Medical certificates issued by a Government Hospital /District Medical Officer

(ii) In certain circumstances, the medical certificates issued by a Private Medical Practitioner regarding a leave which is less than five days would be accepted by CMO/UMO by considering the nature and seriousness of the illness and the treatments.

(iii). The CMO/UMO may request the following documents for further proof regarding the illness.

* Receipt or payment for the Medical Certificate from Government Hospital.

* Prescriptions of the medicines taken

* Reports of the blood tests etc

(If the above documents are not submitted the application can be rejected)

  1. The CMO/UMO does not take any responsibility for the acceptance or rejection of Medical Certificates issued by any outside institute. It will be the responsibility of the student who has sought medical assistance from such institute.

If and when it is required, the University medical officer arranges a Medical Board to consider a request for medical leave for the student.

Medical officers.
Chief Medical officer Dr. K.D.I.Wasudeva( MBBS, DFM )
University Medical Officer Dr.R.Rabel (M.B.B.S., M.C.G.P.)