Student counselling is a free of charge service provided by the UCSC to all undergraduate students. Our experience over the past decade has shown that the level of stress resulting from various incidents of life such as family matters, relationships, learning and career decisions keep increasing.

The UCSC Counselling service is focused on providing an environment conducive for students to get help at an early stage of their particular psychosocial problem. Our counsellors are qualified to give students a listening ear and to assist them to help themselves in dealing with issues that they are facing. However, the counsellors are also trained to make a decision; whether a particular problem requires further help, and guide such a student towards a Professional Counsellor who visits the UCSC for 2 hours per each day.

It is important to note that all the information that you communicate with the student counsellors will be kept confidential and will only be communicated to the Professional Counsellor if the student agrees. Similarly, the Professional Counsellor will only communicate back to the UCSC if there is any action required from the UCSC with respect to any impact on the issue of the study program that the student is engaged in. If the Professional Counsellor determines that further help is needed he/she will refer the student, with his/ her consent, to a Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist.

The Student Counsellors, also want each student who enters the UCSC to form the front-line of the counselling process, by being sensitive and alert to any unusual behaviour of a colleague, so that they may help them by bringing them to us at the early stage of a problem causing them an unnecessary stress.

Student Counsellor

Mr. G P Seneviratne

Contact No:  (+94) 112158990, (+94) 7773832935

Dr. (Mrs.) T A Weerasinghe

Contact No:  (+94) 112158984, (+94) 716890280


UCSC Professional Counsellor

Ms. Nilani Thushanthika

Contact No:  (+94) 702005550