Network Operations Center - UCSC

The Network Operating Center provides vital infrastructure support to UCSC by maintaining network connectivity and other ICT infrastructure. The NOC maintain and administer server room which housed general servers and specialized hardware to support heigh performance computational requirements. The UCSC NOC provide critical servicers such as e-Mail, DNS, Proxy servicers to the University of Colombo. The NOC monitor and maintain the university external network connectivity. University of Colombo and UCSC are connected through 100Mbps dedicated connectivity to Lanka Education and Research Network. The UCSC also link to Trans Eurasia Information Network [TEIN] through LEARN connecting more than 1000 research and education centers throughout Asia and Europe.

The UCSC building and the vicinity is covered by UCSC WiFi system. The students are provided with free connectivity to facilitate their academic activities. the laboratory facilities at UCSC is maintain and managed by NOC staff .A central user authentication system is in operational and students must obtain an active user account in order to login to laboratory computers. The computer laboratory and common areas are closely monitored through CCTV system.

The NOC provides limited disk space and a virtual server instance for final year research students to facilitate their research activities. A limited number of students will get the opportunity to work at the NOC during their industrial training.

In addition to this responsibility, the NOC responds to trouble calls from UCSC's staff. The NOC hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding University and Government observed holidays. You can Reach the NOC at 011 2158925.