e-Learning Centre (eLC) is one of the six centres of the University of Colombo School of Computing. Although it is a service centre of the UCSC that supports undergraduate, postgraduate and external and extension degree programmes, it has become a national centre during the last decade by providing services for both local and international organizations (www.e-learning.lk). eLC has a dedicated staff who conducts research and development work in e-Learning. On behalf of UCSC, e-Learning Centre is willing to undertake assignments in the domain of e-learning.

Activities of the eLC are not limited to;

  • conducting on-demand staff training programmes on e-learning/blended learning course development, e-facilitation and LMS administration,
  • maintaining and administering learning management systems of undergraduate as well as masters degree programmes of the UCSC,
  • designing, developing and delivering online courses for the BIT degree programme and FIT Programme,
  • providing e-facilitation to online learners of the BIT degree programme and FIT programme,
  • diversifying the teaching-learning process to make it more interesting, efficient and contemporary,
  • conducting research and development in e-learning to enhance the quality of higher education within UCSC and the country,
  • establishing the culture of electronic education to produce high quality blended learning courses and
  • supporting the improvement of e-learning infrastructure of the UCSC.

Online Courses Currently Administered by the eLC

  1. 30 online courses of BIT degree programme (http://vle.bit.lk)
  2. 218 online/blended learning courses of the internal undergraduate degree programmes of UCSC (http://ugvle.ucsc.cmb.ac.lk)
  3. 75 online courses of the postgraduate degree programmes of UCSC available in the http://pgvle.ucsc.cmb.ac.lk
  4. 11 online courses for the FIT certificate programme (http://fit.bit.lk/vle)
  5. 40 free-online courses for the general public ( http://www.e-learning.lk/vle)


“Facilitate the digital transformation of teaching-learning process by integrating e-learning practices and thereby contribute towards achievement of the vision of UCSC.”

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