e-Learning Centre (eLC) is one of the six centres of the University of Colombo School of Computing. Its main goal is to facilitate the digital transformation of teaching-learning process by integrating e-learning practices. Although it is a service centre of the UCSC to support undergraduate, postgraduate and external and extension degree programmes, it has become a national centre during last decade by providing services to both local and international organizations (www.e-learning.lk). eLC has a dedicated staff and conducts research and development work in e-Learning. On behalf of UCSC, e-Learning Centre is willing to undertake assignments in the domain of e-learning.


  • To improve the electronic learning infrastructure of the UCSC.
  • To conduct research and development in e-learning to enhance the quality of education within UCSC and to extend the education to masses.
  • To spread the culture of electronic education to produce high quality blended learning courses.
  • To offer flexible learning possibilities in degree programmes.
  • To make information, learning activities and study materials available online for learners.
  • To diversify the study process and make it more interesting, efficient and contemporary.
  • To facilitate the cooperation of other local universities as well as to promote international cooperation.


  1. Maintaining the virtual learning environment (VLE) of UCSC, known as “ViduPiyasa”.
  2. Links of UCSC Virtual Campus:
  1. Developing and maintaining an online e-Testing system to carry out large scale online testing.
  2. Developing and maintaining a separate VLE to improve Information Technology (IT) foundation of all new students. This is known as FIT (Foundation in Information Technology) – http://fit.bit.lk/vle .
  3. Designing and developing interactive content for teaching, learning and assessment for the online courses hosted in the VLEs.
  4. Providing online guidance, also known as e-Facilitation, for the BIT and FIT online courses.
  5. Conducting several research and development work (R&D) in e-Learning to find solutions which can be applied in the local context.
  6. Providing consultancy, content development and training services for other faculties of University of Colombo and other universities of Sri Lanka and for the private sector as well.


  1. 30 online courses available in the http://vle.bit.lk for the BIT degree programme
  2. 218 online courses available in the http://ugvle.ucsc.cmb.ac.lk for the Internal undergraduate degree programmes
  3. 75 online courses available in the http://pgvle.ucsc.cmb.ac.lk for the postgraduate degree programmes
  4. 11 online courses available in the http://fit.bit.lk/vle for the FIT certificate programme
  5. 40 online courses available in the http://www.e-learning.lk/vle for the general public with interactive online content and online assessments.



Dr. D.D. Karunaratne BSc (Col), MSc (Swansea), PhD (Cardiff), (Senior Lecturer Gr. I)


  • K.M.G.B. Nishakumari BSc (Col) , BIT (Col), MSc (Edinburgh) (Scientific Assistant Grade II) (Team Leader)
  • M.B.P. Disanayake (Instructional Designer)
  • G.N.M. Gangodawila (Junior Instructional Designer)
  • H.L.P.M. Madhushanka (Assistant LMS Administrator)
  • K.K.A. Nishanthi (Content Developer)
  • R.M. Nuwan Dammika (Content Developer)

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