The Digital Forensics Centre (DFC) was established in 2011 by modifying the ordinance of UCSC by a special announcement since UCSC was requested to support respective law and order institutes in the digital forensics activities. During the last 15 years, these authorities in the country have been requesting UCSC to carry out investigation due to the absence of a proper mechanism in the country. With lots of difficulties, UCSC has been supporting these institutes. Key organizations which are requesting services are different Courts, Criminal Investigation Department and Terrorist Investigation Department.

Finding pieces of evidence in digital offensive activities is sensitive as well as difficulty process which requires research and development approach. In the past, several supporting tools have been developed by academic and academic support staff at UCSC to carry out these investigation and some of them have been published in International Conferences (e.g. e-Asia 2009, The 3rd International Conference on Cybercrime Forensics Education & Training, Canterbury University, UK 2010).

UCSC has received more than 500 requests from different legal organizations during the last two decades but it was very difficult to provide the required support due to the complexity and lack of funding and infrastructure. With the help of the Korean government, UCSC helped the government to expand the government analysis department and the criminal investigation department to establish separate units for these operational tasks. Hence, DFC will focus more on research and development in digital forensics in the future.

Coordinator: Mr. K. S. Goonathilake