The Center for Digital Forensics (CDF) was established in 2011 by modifying the ordinance of UCSC by a special announcement since UCSC was requested to support respective law and order institutes in the digital forensic activities.

The primary objective of setting up the CDF is the inability of the law enforcement of Sri Lanka to effectively analyze digital evidence and to present them in court of law even though the legislation of Sri Lanka has made such evidence admissible by law.

The key organizations, which are requesting our services, are Courts and Criminal Investigation and Terrorist Investigation Departments. CDF has been providing its services to these organizations with a nominal fee.

In order to enable better law enforcement and preservation of Rule of Law the methods of extracting evidence from digital forms has to be significantly improved. We are well aware that there are a number of state of the art digital forensics toolkits are commercially available. The predominant issue with these toolkits are the associated costs and non-adaptive nature. Thus the CDF conducts the research and the development of free and open source digital forensics methods and toolkits.

The CDF is well equipped to handle the digital evidence extraction task as we have firsthand experience in dealing with digital crime related activities in Sri Lanka over fifteen (15) years. The CDF routinely advices, trains and collaboratively work with the Government Analyst Department (GAD) of Sri Lanka on compilation of digital evidence related to crimes.

Our investigators and researchers have the required experience and expertise to engage with any complicated investigation. Our expertise is such that international agencies such as KOICA has previously entrusted us to train GAD personnel regarding digital crimes, extraction of evidence form digital media and compilation of such evidence so it is admissible in a court of law.

The direct beneficiaries of the CDF is the personnel in digital crimes investigation departments and we indirectly help the victim to recover losses or gain meaningful solution to the damages in a court of law.

The problem of financial resources is the central issue for the CDF. Most countries of the developing world are debt stricken and do not have efficient means to fund these criminal investigation activities. Therefore we are looking for national and international funding and collaboration opportunities to sustain the investigations and research activities of the Center for Digital Forensics (CDF) of the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC).

Coordinator: Dr. Kasun de Zoysa