Student Union is the representative body of all registered internal undergraduate students of University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC).


  • To foster the sprit of corporate life among students of the ucsc
  • To organise and supervise, in consultation with the Board of management, student welfare activity in the school ,recreational facilities, spiritual and religious activities, the counseling of students and the supply of meals and refreshments
  • To afford a recognised means of communication with the authorities of the ucsc on matters relating to or connected with living and working conditions of the students
  • To be represented on any other body which may, in accordance with rules made by the Board of Management for the purpose, be appointed to undertake student welfare activities in the ucsc
  • To assist the ucsc authorities to maintain discipline
  • To represent the students who are accused in disciplinary inquiries
  • To foster, cultural, literary and aesthetic awareness and activities among students and to organize and publish magazines and periodicals of students
  • To foster an interest and understanding in the arts and life and social well-being of the citizens of the country
  • To foster activity conductive to the social and moral well-being of the student community and promote activity conductive to healthy social life
  • To organise and promote cultural, literary and social inter activity with other universities and like organizations in Sri Lanka and abroad
  • To associate in the organization and execution of extension courses and adult education programmes in collaboration with the staff and students
  • To safeguard and protect the good name of the ucsc
  • To debate matters of public interest
  • To further national interest and national unity
  • To safeguard and protect the property of the ucsc
  • To take steps and protect the property of the ucsc
  • To take steps to encourage and further the academic interest
  • To undertake any activities that may be determined by the Board of Management from time to time.


  • 2008/09: President: Mr. Dilshan Embuldeniya (); Vice-President: Mr. Sachith Senarath (2008/CS113); Secretary: Mr. Charith Deshapriya (); Junior Treasurer: Mr. Kalindu Priyadarshana (); Editor: Mr. Ravin Weerarathna (); Committee members: Mr. Vipula Dharmapala; Mr. Tharindu Abeydheera; Mr. Miskin Roshan; Mr. Mohommed Jaayis; Mr. Janith Kalhara; Mr. Lakal Nagasinghe; Mr. Sujith Tharanga; Mr. Sumith Ekanayake.
  • 2009/10: President: SV Senarath (2008/CS113); Vice-President: MMBP Ekanayake (2009/ICT/010); Secretary: TN Chaturanga (2008/CS/193); Junior Treasurer: RC Senavirathna (2008/ICT/052); Editor: JP de Malin A (2009/CS/021);Committee Members: TMI Mahath (2008/ICT/037); C Pankajan (2008/CS/104); WWADN Welagedara (2008/CS/162); BSDS Thotawathage (2009/ICT/092); RSK Samarasinghe (2009/ICT/061); ASS Mohamed (2010/CS/059); RAHD Perera (2010/ICT/032); BDHK Jayamanna (2010/CS/049); Senior Treasurer: Mr. MGNAS Fernando.
  • 2010/11: President: LK Pallegoda (2009/ICT/040); Vice-President: HM Wanniarachchi (2010/CS/215); Secretary: C Hettiarachchi (2010/ICT/094); Junior Treasurer: EMDS Ekanayake (2010/ICT/106); Editor: PCR Hettiarachchi (2010/CS/177); Committee Members: MFZ Alferoz (2010/CS/008); WRSR Wijerathne (2010/CS/167); RMSV Rathnayaka (2010/ICT/043); VR Nareshwar (2010/ICT/048); GBS De Silva (2011/CS/168); EPW Kumara (2011/CS/020); S Shujan (2011/ICT/038); EHIN Niranga (2011/ICT/074); Senior Treasurer: Mr. MGNAS Fernando.
  • 2011/12: President: Mr. BDHK Jayamanna (); Vice-President: Mr. DVBC Jayasinghe (2011/ICT/008); Secretary: Mr. SR Muthutantrige (); Junior Treasurer: Mr. VA Isuru (); Editor: Mr. JPDS Jayasinghe (); Committee Members: Mr. SK Walpita; Mr. M Sathees; Mr. MH Hamza; Mr. BC Senarathna; EN Jayasuriya (2012/CS/069); MMM Shifan (2012/IS/082); EAKA Edirisuriya (2012/IS/016); HAND Hettiarachchi (2012/CS/055); Senior Treasurer: Mr. MGNAS Fernando.
  • 2012/13: President: Mr. DVBC Jayasinghe (2011/ICT/008); Vice-President: Mr. SLR De Silva (2012/CS/028);Secretary: Mr. KMSA Kallora (2012/IS/038); Junior Treasurer: Mr. MGD Madusanka (2012/CS/085); Editor: Mr. DMP Dangalla (2010/IS/011); Committee Members: Mr. GN Wanigasinghe (2012/IS/095); Mr. T Jayanath (2012/CS/065); Mr. MF Jaleel (2012/CS/062); Mr. WAMS Weerasooriya (2012/IS/101); Mr. BN Dahanayake (2013/CS/018); Mr. TS Sahanayake (2013/CS/19); Mr. CP Rajapaksha (2013/IS/038); Mr. AAM Afzar (2013/IS/001); Senior Treasurer: Mr. MGNAS Fernando.
  • 2013/14 (2015): President: Mr. SLR De Silva (2012/CS/028); Vice-President: Mr. WARR Somaweera (2013/IS/055);Secretary: Mr. DTAHN Dissanayake (2013/CS/033); Junior Treasurer: Mr. WPM Priyanja (2013/CS/094); Editor: Mr. RCB Rajapaksha (2013/IS/039); Committee Members: Mr. SSB Wijerathne (2013/IS/067); Mr. SDLH Sandanayake (2013/IS/048); Mr. S Ahilendran (2013/CS/004); Mr. AAFM Fasly (2013/CS/035); Senior Treasurer: Mr. MGNAS Fernando.
  • 2014/15 (2016): President: Mr. WARR Somaweera (2013/IS/055); Vice-President: Mr. KE Jayatunga (2014/CS/054);Secretary: Mr. LS Kulathunga (2014/IS/045); Junior Treasurer: Mr. WGS Mendis (2014/CS/091); Editor: Mr. SMGLA Senadheera (2014/IS/074); Committee Members:  H.G.D. Priyankara (2014/CS/121), M.H.A. Al Rushan (2014/IS/004), G.A.U.B.K. Wickramasinghe (2014/CS/155), M. Vishnusaran (2014/IS/086); Senior Treasurer: Mr. MGNAS Fernando.