Thank you for inquiring about our courses. We could offer you a placement for the Computer Science programme after evaluating your secondary education certifications. Programme is expected to commence in late Sept. We allow students to proceed from 3rd to 4th year based on the performance of the first 3 years. Our fee structure for foreign students is as follows.

  • Registration fee US$200 (3 years)
  • Renewal fee per year US$100 (extended years)
  • Library Deposit US$100
  • Amalgamated Club fee US$50
  • Student Union US$50
  • Course fee US$3000 (per year)
  • Application fee US$50

We will be offering a discount on the course fee for SAARC Countries applicants. That would be decided only after the initial processing.


UCSC have had over 50 students enrolled from UAE for the Information Technology Online Degree. To assist these students UCSC have conducted the examination in Dubai.

UCSC enrolled two foreign students for the Masters in Information Technology 2012/13 intake through the 100 Scholarships program conducted for foreign students by the Ministry of Higher Education. The two students are from Bhutan and Tanzania.