The network Operating Center (NOC) was establish as a unit to manage the network infrastructure way back in 1998 to support computer science and statistics department of university of Colombo. The network Operating Center (NOC) currently responsible for all ICT infrastructure at UCSC. The Server room housed more than 145 virtual servers distributed to 4 virtual data centers in a private cloud environment, storage systems and other infrastructures providing support to all UCSC sub units including e-learning center from NOC infrastructure.

The NOC also provides on demand servicers to carryout research activities of UCSC, UOC and other universities, institutes. NOC also manage all the computing laboratories and all Computers, Audio visual units’ active components of lecture halls. This include 1 number of 50 computer lab 3 number of 40 computer labs and 4 number of 20 computer labs, and two special purpose labs dedicated for robotic and multimedia, totally handling 500 Computers.

Staff of NOC provide technical guidance and support to University of Colombo and its subunits( faculties/campus/institutes), other Universities/ LEARN  community as part of UCSC collaboration/contribution  to University and academic community.

At present the NOC also provide technical support and consultancy services to government organizations and private sector organizations to overcome technical problems, technical support in ICT procurements as TEC members, Expert opinion in implementing technical solution, technical Investigations.

In the UCSC premises there are 09 labs are operated daily for undergraduate Students. The below mentioned table contains the capacity of the Labs which were handled by the NOC.

Labs Sq.m Seating Capacity
Postgraduate Lab 58.33 30
3rd Year Lab 107.83 40
4th Year Lab 106.51 40
Electronic Lab 45.96 10
Lab A 57.07 40
Lab B 68.094 50
Lab C 39.16 20
Lab D 39.16 20
Lab E 39.16 20