V-Learning (Mar’09 – Jun’10)*

Donor: National e-Learning Center (NeLC), UCSC

The ‘V- Learning’ project is an innovative solution for people to access web based learning content through telephones.

Principle Investigator: Dr. T N K De Zoysa

Research Adviser: Dr. K L Jayarathne

Research Assistants: Ms. Thushari Atapattu; Mr. PKM Thilakarathna


  1. Thushari Atapattu, Kasun De Zoysa, “V-Learning: Using Voice for Distant Learning in Emerging Regions, International Conference on Computer Supported Education, Lisbon, Portugal, March 2009.
  2. Thushari Atapattu, Sashikantha Wanasinghe, Kasun De Zoysa, Lakshman Jayaratne, “Accessing the University Learning Management System through Voice Communication, , 27th National Information Technology Conference, The Computer Society of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, 9-10 Sept 2009.