Wireless Ad hoc and Sensor Networks (WASNs) are the most commonly referred wireless interconnections of a large number of sensor nodes, communicating without any pre-existing infrastructure. WASN technologies have a huge influence on many civilian and military applications, including national security, transportation systems, healthcare and environmental monitoring etc. WASN has received a tremendous attention from both academia and industry worldwide.  It is known as a leader in applied computer research and education, University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) goes together with the technical expertise provided by Ericsson and Volvo build a national R&D and education centre for WASN, financed by SPIDER.

The main objectives of this project are to:

  • Setup a R&D centre for WASN
  • Conduct applied research specially in the environmental monitoring and health care
  • Develop WASN applications to solve real-life problems in Sri Lanka
  • Enhance the WASN education in Sri Lanka

At the moment there are five ongoing research projects in the WASN centre. In short these are:

There are two pending projects on sensor network security and on electronic fencing to constrain movements of dangerous animals, e.g. rouge elephants. In addition, a demonstrator situation picture application for rescue missions has been developed.




  • Mr. N. M. Laxaman
  • Mr. G P N Boteju B.com.(Col), P.G Dip. Com. Tech.(Col)


Research Assistant

  • Mr. P. K. M. Thilakarathna, BIT(Col)