Registration for Supplies/Services – 2019


Applications are hereby invited from reputed manufacturers/ suppliers and reputed organizations who wish to register themselves with the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) for supply and provision of under mentioned Good and Services, Works for year 2019.

Categories of items for supply of Goods (01 to 12) and categories of items for supply of Services, Works (13 to 31) are listed below.

A.  Supply of Goods

  1. Stationery
  2. Computer Stationery and Consumables (CD, DVD, Ribbon & Toners)
  3. Photocopying Paper, Duplicating Paper and Computer Paper
  4. Multimedia Projectors and Accessories
  5. Computers, Servers, Printers, UPS, Scanners & Network Accessories
  6. Office Furniture (Steel & Wooden) (Chairs, Filling Cabinets, Steel Cabinets, Lecture Room Furniture, Racks etc.)
  7. Electrical Items (Bulbs, Wires, Switches etc…)
  8. Audio Visual Equipment and Accessories
  9. Air Conditioners and Spare Parts
  10. Books, Periodicals and Other Publications
  11. Sanitary ware (Bidet Showers, Taps, Wash Basins, Commodes & Accessories)
  12. Electronic Items & Accessories

B.  Supply of Works and Services

  1. Building Repairs and Improvements (Civil Works)
  2. Repairs and Maintenance of Power Lines and other Electrical Installations
  3. Aluminum Partitioning
  4. Repairs to Vehicles (Vehicle Service, Auto Electrical and Auto AC Services)
  5. Pest Control Service
  6. Repairs and Servicing of Air-Conditioners
  7. All Types of Printing Work (Books, Envelopes, Stickers, Leaflets & Brochures)
  8. Supply of Blinds, Curtains and Interior Decorative Items
  9. Hiring of Vehicles (Vans, Buses, Lorries etc…)
  10. Man Power (Laborers)
  11. Hardware/Electrical Items for minor repairs and services (small Scale day to day basis)
  12. Cleaning & Janitorial Services.
  13. Garden Maintenance Services.
  14. Gully Bowser Services.
  15. Repairing of Office Equipment (Computers, Servers, Printers, UPS, and Scanners).
  16. Photocopy Services for Student & Staff.
  17. Catering & Refreshments.
  18. Event Management Services.
  19. Repairing of Electrical Items. (Boilers, Refrigerator, Iron, Kettles, Rice Cookers, etc.…)

Separate applications should be forwarded for each of the above categories of Supplies/ Works and Services. You are requested to complete the online form or send self-prepared application based on the specimen given below. You must include the evidence of payment (details given below) and a copy of business registration certificate.

Applications Should be accompanied a receipt obtained from the UCSC or payment slip to the Bank on payment of a non-refundable fee of Rs 1,000.00 in cash per each category. The registration fee should be paid to the Shroff (1st Floor at the UCSC) on any working day between 8:45AM to 3:45PM up or in favour of “The Deputy Bursar, University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) to the Current Account No. 086-1001-2-1190316 at any branch of the People’s Bank.

Duly filled printed applications forms should be sent with the Payment Receipt under Registered Cover to the Senior Assistant Bursar – Procurements, University of Colombo School of Computing, No 35 Reid Avenue Colombo 00700 on or before 31st December 2018. All applications should be marked “Registration for Supplies/ Services – 2019” on the top left hand corner of the envelope.

The UCSC will generally call for quotations from the registered suppliers. However, it reserves the right to call for quotations from a restricted list of suppliers or from any other suppliers as well, when deemed necessary. Suppliers who fail to quote when requested or fail to make delivery in time or in conformity with given requirements will be stuck off from the Register of Supplies/ Services” without prior notice. Please contact Senior Assistant Bursar – Procurements for further details (Telephone: 258 1245- ext 8935).

Deputy Registrar
University of Colombo School of Computing
No 35 Reid Avenue Colombo 00700
Telephone: 258 1245


1. Category of Supply or Service for which registration is sought :

2. Name of Applicant :

3. Name of the Business Institution/Company/ Firm :

4. Business Address of the Applicant :

Contact Details

Office Tel No :

Mobile No :

Fax :

5. Email Address :

6. VAT Number, if any:

(If you are not registered for VAT, please attach a letter obtained from the Commissioner General of Inland Revenue, certifying that your Company has been exempted from VAT)

7. Business Registration Certificate Number and Date: (Please attach a copy)

8. Nature of Business Organization:

9. ICTAD Registration No: (If applicable)


Field of Registration:

Expiry Date:

10. No of years of experience in the relevant trade:

11. Method of Registration Fee (Rs. 1000) : Shroff counter payment/ Bank Slip

12. Names of Banks:

13. Whether willing to supply on credit (Yes or No):                    if yes, what is the period of credit?

14. Names of the organization to which the service/goods are provided.

15.  Any other detail:


I/ We certify that the particulars furnished by me/ us in this application/s are true and accurate and hereby agree with the conditions stipulated by the UCSC.

Name & Signature of Applicant                                                                                                                         Company Seal



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