Business Analytics is an emerging and futuristic discipline that blends data science with the needs of modern-day businesses with its primary focus on understanding business performance and developing new strategies based on data. Professionals with skills in Business Analytics & Data Science are in high demand.

In order to cater to the emerging trends of Data Science, University of Colombo School of Computing offers a master’s degree in business analytics. This two year postgraduate degree program consists of fourteen course units to be offered in four semesters with hands on activities designed to cater to the current trends in data science focusing on business analytics. This degree is suitable for professionals who are involved in business analytics or data science related careers in IT or other industries as well as inspired fresh graduates whom seek to gain entry into roles related to business analytics.

Eligibility Requirements

a) A Bachelors Degree from a University or Institution recognized by the University Grants Commission and/or the University of Colombo;


b) Any other academic or professional qualification deemed equivalent to a Bachelors Degree by the Senate of the University of Colombo on the recommendation of the School. Each application under this category shall be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Note: A student who satisfies the specified minimum academic performance in the first two semesters is eligible to register for the second year of the program (third and fourth semesters)



The applicants who are eligible shall sit for a selection test (an aptitude test) and the short listed candidates from the selection test shall face an interview in order to be selected to the programme


Fee Structure

Candidate should pay 75% of the course fee at the initial registration for the degree programme in the first year. The balance of 25% of the fee should be paid at the registration for the second year of the degree programme.

Additionally a Non-Refundable Fee of Rs. 15,000/= should be paid as the Library Fee. The non-refundable library fee is valid for the whole duration of the degree programme. The value of the library fee is same for both local and foreign students.

Note: Non-Refundable Library Fee is NOT included in the following fees table.


Course Fee

Payment for 1st Year 337,500.00
Payment for 2nd Year 112,500.00
Course Fee (Total) 450,000.00


Academic Program

  • The duration of this program is two (2) years and the course consists of four (4) semesters with is fifteen (15) weeks duration.
  • The coursework of the Program consists of both theory and practical components. Evaluation will be conducted using formal end of semester examinations and continuous assessments which may include take home assignments, quizzes, practical assessments, mini projects etc.
  • The course is conducted in the form of lecture sessions, seminars (in applicable course modules) and practical classes. These sessions will be held on Friday evenings and weekends. The schedules will be announced in advance.
  • Weekday sessions will be conducted on Friday evenings.
  • Medium of instruction is English.


Structure of the Degree Program

1st Semester – Four (04) compulsory courses – Total 10 Credits

–          Business Statistics
–          Organizational Data Management
–          Fundamentals of Business Analytics and Data Science
–          Data Programming


2nd Semester – Four (04) compulsory courses – Total 12 Credits

–          Statistical Inference for Analytics
–          Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
–          Data Warehousing and Mining
–          Information Visualization

3rd Semester – Three (03) compulsory courses, One (01) optional course of three(03) selectable courses and Project on Business Analytics[Optional]

–          Modelling and Simulation of Data
–          Predictive Analytics
–          Computational Social Sciences
–          Applied Optimization
–          Open Source Intelligence
–          Text Analytics
–          Project on Business Analytics *


4th Semester – Two (02) optional courses of three (03) selectable courses and Independent Studies in Business Analytics [Optional]

–          Independent Studies in Business Analytics *
–          Big Data Analytics
–          Analytics for Process Improvement
–          Intelligent Agents in Gaming


* The student shall only follow one of the “Project on Business Analytics” or “Independent Studies in Business Analytics”. The project on Business analytics is a yearlong module which spans both semester 3 and semester 4. The independent Studies in Business Analytics is offered in the 4th Semester.


It is hereby informed that the above information is only for general information and is not for official purposes. Any information contained herein shall be confirmed by reference to the relevant authority.