Course Content

1. Overview of Java programming language
2. Data types, Variables
          a. Data Types
                    i. Primitive Data Types
                    ii. Reference Data Types
                    iii. Arrays
          b. Variables
3. Operators
          a. Mathematical Operators
          b. Relational Operators
          c. Logical Operators
         d. Bitwise Operators
         e. Special Operators
         f. Other Operators
4. Control Statements
         a. Selection Structures
         b. Repetitive Structures
5. Arrays
         a. One Dimensional arrays
         b. Array of Arrays
         c. Ragged Arrays
6. Overview of Object Oriented Analysis
         a. Use Case diagram
         b. Class Diagram
7. Object Oriented Concepts using Java
         a. Overview Of Object Orientation in Java
         b. Introduction to features of Object Orientation and approach in Java
                      i. Abstraction
                      ii. Encapsulation and Data hiding
                      iii. Inheritance
                      iv. Polymorphism
8. Java Applications and Applets
9. Input and Output mechanisms
          a. Scanner
          b. Previous Input mechanisms
          c. Formatting data
10. Exception Handling
11. String Manipulation
12. Interfaces and Packages,
13. Event Handling
14. Threads and Multi-threading,
15. Inner Classes
16. Collections
17. Cleanup Finalization and Garbage Collection
18. Java Security
19. AWT and Swing
20. Java Database Connectivity
21. Java Socket Programming
22. Introduction to generics


08 Saturdays or 08 Sundays (8.30 am – 5.30 pm)

Target Group: 

This course is for those who need to learn JAVA language from the beginning to an advanced level.


Some programming knowledge with an understanding of programming concepts/theory.