Is it impossible to create a peaceful world?

1918, the end of the First World War did not bring an end to the war fare. We have witnessed and still witnessing deaths of millions due to various conflicts. These wars are still alive in the 21st century. Each minute someone is creating a new way to brutalize another human.

Can we start to rebuild a peaceful world from this century? The conflicts in Middle East are live examples for warfare in 21st century. If we want to create a peaceful world the countries should pay more attention on how to feed the poor and less attention on purchasing weapons. The process we have engaged ourselves might result destroying half of the world in order to create a peaceful world. So world peace is very likely an impossible dream.

Some suggest that it is an achievable goal with the modern technology and life style. But that’s not the case. In order to achieve world peace we must educate people and teach people to practice anti violence type of thinking. We should create new social trends and remove violent influences in movies, music, social media and etc. There is a simple way to spread peace and that is by respecting every human beings’ will for freedom.

As humans we have it in our blood to destroy each other. Whether we like to accept it or not we tempt to imagine ourselves as civilized because we find excuses for our barbaric behavior. We pretend that we are a civilized species. World peace is a wondrous thought. But it does not seem to be a realistic dream as long as Homo sapiens exist on planet earth.


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