EverKey for every key!!

Everkey is here, one of the finest inventions so that we can say NO to locks, NO to keys and NO to passwords. Security in cyber space always frustrates us, despite the frustration we proceed on to memorize all those meaningless words, and yes, the solution has dawned.  Everkey has the power to unlock your car, android phone, laptop, any website you’ve logged into and even your house.

When you bring your Everkey close to your device it automatically unlocks without a password and when you walk away from it it locks back securely again. We create accounts in numerous websites to find some information, when we come back to it after a few weeks to get that small piece of information again and alas if we don’t remember the password, we all know the painful process and the valuable time we have to spend on it to reset the password, log back into the site and finally reach the information. But this Everkey remembers your password in the first login and will help you out in the next time to login automatically.

But all these pluses might raise a question in your mind. Is this secure enough? but It is secure enough. It owns military grade security. It utilizes AES 128 bit encryption which is the same encryption used by websites that require your credit card information in order to make purchases online. so this is a tried and true encryption method. only the device or the wrist ban holds this information about encryption, the company won’t have access for it. Everkey can also create secure random passwords for your sites and login automatically into it when you need to login. And in case you have lost your Everkey you can instantly block them by freezing it so no one will be able to access it. Until you find your Everkey you’ll still be able to use your old passwords and locks and when you have your Everkey back, you can unfreeze it. You can block your Everkey by either using the Everkey app or by calling them directly. In an Everkey app you can change settings like range and  freeze your Everkey if stolen. And also stay up to date with the new updates and standards.


Everkey has been designed with meticulous ornamentation too as to make it easier to carry with you. They have come in two sleek and elegant designs one as a hand band accessory and other as a key chain in replacement for a bunch of keys. And for users who have windows 7 or 8 or software that are not low-energy blue tooth compatible, they can use the blue-tooth dongle to make it compatible.

And to everybody’s delight this wonderful product is already out for sale. You can purchase it online. Customers are delighted with the product and yet they have only one complaint that the delivery is delayed for too long and also that they have a poor customer support so that they don’t answer their questions. Anyway this is a very useful invention so don’t hesitate to try it once and also to share about it to others so that everyone can shred at least some part of their stress.

reference: https://everykey.com/ , https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/everykey/everykey-the-wristband-that-replaces-keys-and-passhttps://www.capterra.com/p/78729/Everkey/

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