Sea Wave Power Plants

This is the modern trend in making environmental friendly energy. Other than using the energy of flowing water, wind energy and solar power this is the cheapest way of generating electricity. The main importance in this sea wave power plant is the energy is renewable. The main draw back in this way of creating electricity is high initial cost and the outcome is less comparable to the investment if this is done as an industry the profit can be earned only after a long time.



Above are some suggested sea wave power plants and they are different from each other. The nature of the waves and the according to the distance from the shore the turbines they are using are different. The energy output is determined by wave height, wave speed, wave length and water density.

This device is 1stly developed by Israeli company S.D.E Energy LTD. They have built and tested 12 models of this system. They implemented a full scale sea wave power plant near Tel aviv and produced 40kW period of a year. The developed countries are still doing experiments to increase the power output from sea wave power plant. The main drawback other than cost is the energy transformation from kinetic power in sea waves to the electricity power, the amount is very low.

The 70% of earth is covered with water and nearly all the cost lines have waves occurring and even there are sea currents flowing nearby so this is the most usable energy source for the man kind and the main important thing is this energy is environmental friendly and renewable. Currently all world is facing energy crisis and environmental pollution because of the ways that they are using to create energy. So this type of energy resources will be the next hope of human civilization. Hope and wish the experiments to increase the quality and efficiency of sea wave energy generation a success.

Article By Kalindu Perera.

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