It’s Not About Luck

The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will ~ Vince Lombardi

Microsoft Imagine Cup is a worldwide, recognized student technology competition. It brings in conjunction the younger generation’s creativity in order to develop solutions for real world toughest problems or to develop creative ideas as an app. The students are provided with an opportunity to compete alone or as a team comprising up to 4 members under one of the categories namely Games, Innovation and World Citizenship. The Imagine Cup 2015 Sri Lanka finals consisted of 19 teams. Out of which proudly, 5 teams were from University of Colombo School of Computing.

The team ‘oops creators’ of University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC); entered the picture as the runner-up at the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015 local competition which was held at the DHPL Auditorium in Colombo on April 22 2015.


Check out Imagine cup 2015 local competition’s runner up’s (Games category)  interview below.

Q. How about your team?

Well, there were 19  teams, among those we competed under the Gaming Category with the team named as ‘oops creators’. And we four of us are Shehan Weerakkody, Dilumi Liyanage, Bhasura Gunawardana and Chobodhi Damsarani.

Q. Your team participated in Games Category. Is there any specific reason for choosing that. And Brief us about your Concept?

Surely, as you know we could compete under three major categories namely Games, Innovation and World Citizenship. We participated under the Games category. To mention that we were actually new to gaming industry and we were very much interested to try that. The concept is simple. It’s purely based on a single character ; where the player could choose the character as they prefer. There are multiple levels where the player should make that character Laugh Out Loud at each level.

Q. You Guys were new to the university environment; while you weren’t much familiar with competitions such as Imagine Cup .What made you to first try on this?

Of course we were new to this environment and we were not at all familiar with this kind of competition. But we were always more curious to try on something new. Especially to mention that the it’s always better to try and fail than not trying at all.

Q. As I am aware , there was a very short period of time to be prepared with a proposal and considering that this was your very first Imagine Cup Competition. How did your team managed to do it?

Moreover, we were able to come up with an idea just few days before the closing date. And we needed much effort to accomplish the task better. But, it wasn’t a burden since all four of us worked together and were only focused on our objective.

Q. It would probably have been your first ever presentation that your team presented after entering university. How was that experience?

Yeah. This was the first presentation in such an atmosphere where we were the center of focus and we were supposed to convince them about our proposal. But all of us presented several parts of the presentation. We were bit nervous and had that fear as something unpleasant happening. But yes, we managed to do it.

Q. What do you think brought you Guys to this level?

I would say our hard work and never-ending support from all our well-wishers.

Q. Was there anything specifically that your team members  identified as that this wasn’t up to the judge’s expectation?

Mainly to mention that Business analyzing technique wasn’t perceived to be that great by the judges. Even we were uncomfortable with that from the beginning. I think We need to improve on that in future.

Q. Who supported your team to a greater extent?

To a great extent our parents, lecturers, our senior brothers and sisters and our batch mates. And we honestly cannot specifically mention anyone’s name. Without any one of them, we wouldn’t have come up to this level. All of them supported us to the maximum .

Q. Did you think that this title could be achieved?

Indeed. From the day we submitted the proposal, we had the confidence that this could be achieved with no doubt and we were prepared to give our maximum effort to achieve this.

Q. How do you feel about being the runner-up among 19 teams?

Certainly, it’s an indescribable happiness and we are now much more encouraged to participate in upcoming Imagine Cup competitions as well exactly  not to be a runner-up But to be the Champions.

Q. How was that moment when the results were announced?

To be honest, we were expecting to achieve the first place, since we put a lot of effort. But after all, we were very much contentment with the results.

Q. Do you like to give a way few words to the future Imagine Cup participants?

Exactly, As Albert Einstein stated, the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. It’s all about how creative we are and how dare we are to try new things. So just to mention that, try out new things and most importantly being afraid is not going to take us anywhere. And overall, hard work would be the key to success if you want to achieve.

Q. Overall, How was your experience in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015?

It was a great experience. During the progress, we learnt many new things as Game Programming, Graphic Designing and definitely presentation skills. Most importantly, we learned how to work as a team together and we completely experienced the nervousness of a tough competition as imagine cup.

Q. Finally, Anything you would like to specify?

We would like to thank all of those who supported us in a greater way and the pride belongs not only to us but to the whole University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) family. Thank You.

Thank you very much for  sharing your success story with us.I Wish You all the very best  for future success in all the endeavors.

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