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What is a Virtual Village

A Virtual Village is a village, which has a wireless corridor (WI-FI) and is on the Internet. Residents of Virtual village are inter-connected and are connected to the rest of the world through Internet. At present, Meewala, in Gampha Sri Lanka is one of the very first Virtual Villages to be organized. Kuda Oiya in Hatton Sri Lanka is the next virtual Village planned.

A wireless corridor, in these villages, is connected by Wi-FI (802.11b 2.4 GHz) Access points. At present, an out door access point connects other clients in meewala as well as it acts as a bridge for other access points which are yet to be launched in the same area. Initial observations are that the first Access point can be accessed by a computer with a Wireless card without an external antenna for more than three hundred meters. And others can access the network with an external antennas height of which may vary due to line of sight as well as the distance from the access point.

Locations of hot spots are given on the Internet, with bandwidth variations, so one can visit the area to access Internet without a charge. Here at Meewala, the novel concept is explored in the third world: Internet for all, and the infrastructure is provided free of charge for all at the beginning.

At virtual villages, residents will form user supporting groups: maintenance of PCS and assembling of computers, and even teaching each other of various IT activities

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