Social Life Networks (SLN) group aims at providing the real-time information to support the activities related to livelihood delivered using mobile phone applications targeted to meet the needs of people in developing countries. This research is carried out as an international collaborative research program. The group currently focuses on the applications in the areas of agriculture to harness the rich information available in social networks, public data sources including spatio-temporal sensor data as well as the emerging cloud infrastructure.

Using the enormous reach of mobile phones equipped with myriads of sensors such as GPS, Camera, microphone etc. Now it is possible to develop the next generation of social networks known as Social Life Networks through which not only connect people with each other, but also obtain the capability of providing real-time, context-sensitive local information by aggregating information from a variety of sources including SMS messages, sensor data and data from public data sources such as meteorological data. This aggregated information can provide real-time information on evolving situations such as market prices, how to manage pests and bugs destroying the crops, good locations to catch fish under current climatic conditions, thereby providing just-in-time assistance and support for their livelihood .

The second phase of this project named as Govi Nena was mentioned at the 2016 Budget Speech as an innovative project.