UCSC Digital Library (UCSC-DL) is an online e-Repository which mainly contains published materials of UCSC students and staff, namely undergraduate, masters and research level dissertations, thesis and published research papers. In addition, UCSC-DL contains electronic materials shared among internal staff. Only authorized personnel will be allowed to access library materials but selected materials as listed here, could be accessed without login into the system. This repository is updated regularly, and new works are added to collections on a continuous basis.

Font Encoding converters for Sinhala & Tamil
Real-time font encoding converting tool that runs in your web browser. It facilitates the encoding conversion from propriatory fonts to Unicode and vice versa.

OPAC – Online Public Access Catalog
Pusthaka is OPAC software developed by UCSC to provide online service allowing users of UCSC library to find out available printed materials in the library.