This project delivered a low cost computer laboratory to primary school kids at the Dharmashoka College, Ambalangoda in Sri Lanka. During the project period, Ubuntu operating system was customized to support multiple dummy terminals. School teachers and school kids were trained to use the terminals.

Coming into software terms in the multi terminal, we have come up with a re-mastered Ubuntu Linux distribution which could configure itself automatically as a multi terminal depending upon the hardware devices attached to the systems unit.

As mentioned, our multi terminal solution where we could incorporate many users at once in one systems unit. In turn it is important to mention that we have created such a solution without using any specific hardware or networking technologies.

All in all our multi terminal setup would suit ideally for school laboratories. The main reason could be stated that most of the school going children would not be using complex applications that need huge amount of processing power.

Ten multi terminals could serve up to 40-60 students depending upon the number of dummy terminals they contain. Thus each school could come up with a computer lab with much less costs.  Also there would not be any licensing needed for the software. Each computer would not need any virus guards as Ubuntu is virus free. Thus maintaining the system would be much easy.