The University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) celebrated 50 years of computing in the University of Colombo in 2017.  The first ever Computer Science Masters programme in Sri Lanka was launched at the University of Colombo in 1990, while computing was taught at undergraduate level university of Colombo since 1967. The masters level teaching grew ever since to the current state, and has evolved into three masters programs today. The course is delivered by a highly qualified academic staff and professionals from the industry.

The faculty of UCSC consists of three professors, and over 20  PhD holders specialising in several  disciplines in computing domain. As the pioneers of computing in Sri Lanka, UCSC aims to provide its students a unique experience in both theoretical and practical aspects of computing.

The programme consists of both the course work and a dissertation spanning into 2 years. The students who excel in the first two semesters of the MCS programme are provided an opportunity to register for the Master of Science in Computer Science which includes an advanced research focused dissertation work.

Eligibility Requirements:


a) A Bachelors Degree in Computing from a University or Institution recognized by the University Grants Commission and/or the University of Colombo; OR

b) Any other academic or professional qualification deemed equivalent to a Bachelors Degree in Computing by the Senate of the University of Colombo on the recommendation of the School. Each application under this category shall be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Note: A student who satisfies the specified minimum academic performance in the first two semesters is eligible to register for the second year of the program (third and fourth semesters)


The applicants who possess the eligibility requirements shall sit for a selection test (an aptitude test and a subject test) and the short listed candidates from the selection test shall face an interview in order to be selected to the programme.

Fee Structure:

The fee for MCS and MSc in CS are categorized into 3 types as  local, foreign SAARC countries, and foreign non-SAARC countries.

In addition to the registration fee, the fee includes a Non-Refundable Library Fee of Rs. 15,000/=. The non-refundable library fee should only be paid once and is valid for the whole duration of the degree programme. The value of the library fee is same for both local and foreign students.

Note: Non-Refundable Library fee is NOT included in the registration fee for degree programme.

Graduate students are required to pay a 75% of the course fee for  MCS degree at the initial registration for the degree programme in the first year. The remaining of 25% of the fee should be paid at the registration for the second year of the degree programme.

Course Fee:

Local Students:
  MCS MSc in CS
Initial payment at first year Rs. 337,500 Rs. 337,500
Payment at second year Rs. 112,500 Rs. 162,500
Total Fee Rs. 450,000 Rs. 500,000
Foreign SAARC Students:
  MCS MSc in CS
Initial payment at first year US$ 2890 US$ 2890
Payment at second year US$ 960 US$ 1110
Total Fee US$ 3850 US$ 4000

Foreign Non-SAARC Students:
  MCS MSc in CS
Initial payment at first year US$ 3300 US$ 3300
Payment at second year US$ 1100 US$ 1250
Total Fee US$ 4400 US$ 4550

Academic Programme:

The programme is a part time course which consists of four semesters that span over a duration of 2 years. Each semester is 15 weeks long.

Course work includes both theory and practical components which may include continuous assessments. Each semester has an end semester examination. Medium of instruction is in English.

Lectures/Tutorials/Practical will be held on Friday evenings and weekends.

Registration for the second year (upgrade criteria):

All students who wish to follow both MSc in CS and MCS programmes will be registered to MCS programme initially. At the end of the first year of the programme those who achieves the minimum academic performance requirements for MSc in CS, will be eligible to register for their second year of the degree programme as a MSc. in CS student.

Structure of the Degree Programme:

The programme has a number of courses and each course will carry a specified number of credits.

Courses List:

Semester 1 ( Year 1)

In the first semester of the programme of study, following 5 compulsory courses shall be offered.

MCS1201 Advanced Algorithms
MCS1202 Advanced Software Engineering
MCS1203 Advanced Database Systems
MCS1204 Selected Topics in Computer Science
MCS1205 Principles of Programming Languages

Semester 2 ( Year 1 )

In the second semester of the programme of study, following 4 compulsory courses shall be offered.

MCS2201 Information Systems Security
MCS2202 Advanced Concepts in Data Communications Networks
MCS2203 Data Analytics and Machine Learning
MCS2204 Theoretical Computing

Semester 3 ( Year 2 )

a) In the third semester of the programme of study, following 3 compulsory courses shall be offered.

MCS3201 Intelligent Systems
MCS3202 Systems Modelling & Simulation
MCS3203 Individual Research ( MSc in CS) or
MCS3204 Individual Project (MCS)


b) Optional course units

MCS3205 Distributed Systems
MCS3206 Advanced Computer Graphics and Gaming
MCS3207 Bioinformatics
MCS3208 Research Methods (**compulsory module for Master of Science in Computer Science)


Semester 4 ( Year 2 )

a) In the fourth semester of the programme of study, following 2 compulsory courses shall be offered.

MCS 4201 Cognitive Systems
MCS 4202 Embedded Systems


b) Optional course units

MCS 4203 Image Processing and Vision
MCS 4204 Software Project Management and Quality Assurance
MCS 4205 Natural Algorithms
MCS 4206 Mobile Computing



It is hereby informed that the above information is only for general information and is not for official purposes. Any information contained herein shall be confirmed by reference to the relevant authority.