UCSCSellinam is a open source product from University of Colombo School of Computing(UCSC)


                     Early days if we want to send Tamil message we sent as picture messages through MMS(Multimedia services). Currently we can send as normal text message in tamil using the Tamil SMS software. In order to receive Tamil recipient also should have the Tamil SMS software in their phone. Tamil SMS application works on MIDP 2.0 compatible and Java enabled phones. Currently almost all people are using these type of phones. If you have any clarification please send mail to the Email address which is in the contact Us menu.

UCSCSellinam software is published from University of Colombo School of computing(UCSC) for free of charge to use. That means no subscription fee. But there will be a charge to send a message, which will be nothing more than the cost of sending messages charged by your service provider. Currently there are some companies who have published TamilSMS services. But the user who use them have to pay the license fee. UCSCSellinam comes as freeware and open source from UCSC which comes free to anybody in the world.