• Introduction to UNIX/Linux
  • Installing Linux  (Cent OS)
  • Essential Linux Commands
  •  TCP/IP Network Configuration
  • Process & Package Management
  • Install & Configure an Apache Web Server
  • Configure Apache to use HTTPS
  • Install & Configure a Mail Server (Postfix)
  • Install & Configure a Proxy Server (Squid)
  • Scheduling Repetitive Jobs with Cron

Suitable For:

  • Those who need to become experts of Unix/Linux system administration.
  • System administration and Network support staff.


  • Participants should have an understanding and familiarity with computing and network concepts.
  • System administration experience with another operating system will help but not essential.

Duration: 05 Sundays (Every Sunday from 8.30am – 5.30 pm)

Contents in Detail:

OS Concepts

Introduction to Operating systems

Unix/Linux Basics

  • Brief history of UNIX and Linux
  • Characteristics of Linux
  • The login environment

Linux Installation

  • Partitioning and Building a File System
  • Portioning Hard Drives
  • Hands-on Lab: Installing Linux 

Files & Directories

  • The Linux file system
  • Linux file & directory naming conventions
  • File & directory permissions 
  • Working with files & directories
  • Process Management and Monitoring

Unix/Linux Commands & Utilities

  • Unix/Linux commands overview
  • Essential Unix commands
  • Miscellaneous Unix/Linux commands
  • Network utilities for the user
  • Power user utilities

I/O Re-direction and Filtering

  • Standard Input, Standard Output, Standard Error
  • I/O re-direction
  • Additional commands

Working with the Shell

  • The Linux shell(s)
  • Job Control
  • Shell script constructions
  • Process Management
  • Boot Process

Installation and Management of Linux Packages

  • Introduction to RPM
  • Package Management with RPM
  • Package Manage with YUM
  • Setting up a YUM Repository

Networking Concepts & Configurations

  • TCP/IP Protocol Suite
  • Addressing and Subnetting
  • Configure a network device to connect to a local network
  • Binding Multiple IP Addresses
  • Bringing Network Interfaces Up and Down
  • Hands-on Lab: Static Network Settings
  • Resolving networking and communication problems

Implementing & Maintaining a web server

  • Install and configure an Apache web server
  • Monitoring Apache load and performance
  • Restricting client user access
  • Configuring mod_php and PHP support
  • Setting up client user authentication
  • Configuring Apache server options
  • Configure Apache to use virtual hosts
  • Creating an SSL certification for Apache using OpenSSL
  • Configure Apache to use https

Configuring and Managing a Mail Server (Postfix)

  • Installing & Managing Sendmail or Postfix
  • Email aliases
  • Mail quotas
  • Virtual mail domains
  • Configuring internal mail relays
  • Monitoring SMTP servers
  • Mail Virus Scanners And Spam controlling
  • Installing & Managing POP & IMAP Servers

Implementing a proxy server

  • Install a proxy server using Squid
  • Configure a proxy server using Squid
  • Implementing Transparency Proxy 
  • Setting up authentication
  • Access control (acl)
  • Logs monitoring

Configuring a samba server

  • Basic file sharing
  • smb.conf parameters
  • Samba security modes
  • Participating in a domain
  • Primary domain controller functionality
  • Tweaking Samba performance

Systems Maintenance

  • Automating Tasks Via Scripting
  • Scheduling Repetitive Jobs (Cron)
  • Auditing Log Files