Linnaeus-Palme is a programme for teaching staff and students at university that aims to strengthen Swedish educational institutions’ cooperation with universities in developing countries in order to expand and increase global contacts within higher education. The Linnaeus-Palme programme aims to stimulate cooperation based on mutual benefit between higher education institutions in Sweden and developing countries. While the overall objective is to increase participants’ international awareness, each project should have a specific academic objective for its exchange. The intention is for mutual cooperation between higher education institutions to benefit participating countries in the long term and to form the basis for a broader partnership between them. Mutual benefit is central to the Linnaeus-Palme programme; the partners should be able to cooperate on an equal footing, despite the fact that there may be a considerable difference in their available resources.

UCSC collaborate with the Department of Computing Science, Umeå University and the Interactive Media and Learning (IML), Department of Applied Educational Science, Umeå University with respect to this programme.

Phase 1 (2010-11)

Planning phase commenced with initial discussion meetings held in 2010 in Colombo and Umea.

Phase II (2011-12)

First staff exchange commenced in 2011.

Phase III (2012-13)

Staff exchange is expected to continue along with student exchange.

  • Funding for the Department of Applied Educational Science to collaborate with the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.SEK 30 826
  • Funding for the Department of Computing Science to collaborate with the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. SEK 244 426

Student exchange

  • Mr. Michael Mellquist from UmeÃ¥ University with the UCSC for six months (Aug’13-?).
  • Mr. Cristoffer Carlberg from UmeÃ¥ University  with the UCSC for six months (Aug’13-?).
  • Mr. Yasanka Sameera Horawalavithana (CS/2009/10 Sept -) and Mr. Praneeth Nilanga Peiris at Umea.