Instructional Design Methodology for e-Learning


Course Description:

Those who are interested in designing e-learning environments need to know how to design e-learning content and the environment to support learners to do their learning successfully. This course provides a broad overview of e-learning design concepts, principles and things to remember in designing effective e-learning environments. Further this course guides its’ participants to prepare a syllabus for an online course and design, develop and implement an online course.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course the students will be able to

  • Prepare a curriculum for a short course which is to be conducted online.
  • Describe design features of the components of an online learning environment.
  • Design and develop e-learning content following ADDIE model
  • Design e-learning activities and assessments
  • Identify ethics and rules associated with online learning environments

Outline Of The Course

  • Preparing curricula for e-learning programmes
  • Designing virtual learning environments
  • Planning to design e-learning environments
  • Design e-learning content
  • Designing activities and evaluations for e-learning
  • Developing e-learning content
  • Implementing e-learning environments

Duration : 05 days

Course Fee: Rs. 17500/

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