This innovative course will engage students in the production of digital video which now widely use in many areas including filming, advertising and as an entertaining media. This course is designed fulfill the lack of developing skills at the field of digital video production. This will fully prepare students for the video production in the digital age.
Course Description


  • Digital Video Technology

Overview of Digital Video Technology
Digital Video Equipments & Accessories
Digital Standards
Video and Audio Compression Techniques
Digital Storage Media

  • Digital Video Production Techniques

Introduction to Video Production
Script Writing
Storyboard designing
Visual Composition
Camera Angles

  • Lighting

Color Theory
Introduction to Basic Light Lamp Types
Lighting Technique

  • Nonlinear Editing

Editing Theory Techniques
Adobe Premiere
Export to Delivery Format
Work together with Adobe Premiere & Studio Max

  • Special Effects

Adobe After Effects
work together with Adobe Premiere
More effects using expressions

  • Image Processing & Animation

Overview of Image Processing
Color Theory
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
Autodesk 3D Studio Max

  • Introduction to Multi Camera Production

Introduction to multi-camera production
Live to tape Recording
Studio Arrangement

  • Croma key

Computer generated Animations are blended with real footage to create digitallyenhanced videos that are practically impossible or extremely expensive to produce in the real world.

  • DVD Authoring

Introduction to Adobe Encore

  • Final Project

Video Song
TV Commercial or any other preference

Duration:  33 weekdays

No. of Participants:  Limited to 16Course Fee:  Rs.35,000/=

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