DFLab4D: A Low Cost Digital Forensic Laboratory   for a Developing Country (Feb’09 – Jun’10)

Purpose: To facilitate the development of the Internet and Technological innovation related to the Internet in its region.

Donor: Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF), APNIC Pte. Ltd., Australia

Project Value: 30,000 (USD)

Funds Received: 3,421,672.74 (Rs)

Utilization: 100%

Remark: 100% complete

Due to the increased number of ICT related crimes reported in Sri Lanka, within the past few years, digital forensics has become a key area in law enforcement. A digital forensic investigation laboratory compatible with a country’s legislation is a must when digital forensics is used in investigating ICT crimes.

UCSC has been assisting the Sri Lanka Police and the Criminal Investigation Department, over 100 court cases starting from the year 2003. Each of these cases has been unique and several ad-hoc tools and forensic models have been used in order to solve them.

Known as a leader in applied computer research/education, UCSC has started a national investigation center for Computer Forensic Investigation since there are no such centers available in Sri Lanka. However, purchasing the equipment and commercial software tools for the center is very expensive. Therefore we implemented a low cost Digital Forensic Laboratory suitable for a Developing Country. This project is funded by Information Society Innovation Fund (www.isif.asia).

In general, the current vision for the Digital Forensic Laboratory at UCSC is to establish itself as a leading research center for digital forensic investigation in the South Asian region. Thus, the Digital Forensic Investigation course is also planned to be started in June 2011 under the Master of Science in Information Security program. The development of course materials will be planned together with Stockholm University, Sweden.

Principle Investigator: Dr TNK De Zoysa;
Research Assistants: Mr KC Hewage (15/3-30/6); Mr W.M. Sashikanth Warnakula (15/3- 30/6); Ms. YN Hettiarachchi;


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