Benefits to the members
  • Better opportunity to get to know what is happening in the sector and participate in relevant projects & programs conducted by UCSC, which will enhance their professional profile. They could also do visiting lectures as resource persons.
  • Will be able to link up with UOC alumni and have contacts with Doctors, Lawyers and other high ranking personnel.
  • UCSC gets many career (employment & higher studies) opportunities, message currently goes within UCSC.
  • Enjoy the discount offered for the MSc programs conducted by UCSC.
  • Enjoy the discount offered for participating for the training programs and seminars conducted by UCSC.
  • Opportunity to keep in touch with staff and colleagues.
  • Ease access to book UCSC premises / UOC grounds for functions.
  • In future UOC will have a sports complex and will get access to that.
  • There are many free internal seminars, public lecturers – will inform them timely.
  • Opportunity to assist future students and the development of the institute.

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