The Information Systems (IS) degree programme originates from the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) degree programme which was introduced in year 2004. After a curriculum revision based on the ACM guidelines, IS Degree programme was introduced in year 2012.

The IS degree programme is designed to prepare students to be IT professionals who possess the skills and knowledge necessary to analyse and understand business problems and apply information technology to help solve these problems. Students will learn how to analyse client needs, define systems to meet these needs, develop applications, manage operations and act as technical intermediaries between management and other technical staff.

The high level learning outcomes of the IS degree programme are;

  • Improving organizational processes
  • Exploiting opportunities created by technology innovations
  • Understanding and addressing information requirements
  • Designing and managing enterprise architecture
  • Identifying and evaluating solution and sourcing alternatives
  • Securing data and infrastructure
  • Understanding, managing and controlling IT risks

Information Systems Degree Awarding Criteria

Under the Information Systems stream, UCSC offers a three year Degree and an Honours Degree (four year) which are known as Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Bachelor of Science Honours in Information Systems respectively. Apart from achieving the above stated learning outcomes, in the fourth year more emphasis will be placed on learning the process of doing research.

The selection for the Honours Degree shall take place at the end of the second year and the selections are based on the student performance. A student should have a minimum GPA of 2.75 at the end of the second academic year in order to be eligible to apply for the Honours Degree programme. A limited number of students will be selected to read the Honours Degree, while others are subject to finish the degree in three years.

Medals And Awards For Information Systems

These are several awards at the Annual Convocation for graduates with respect to the degree programme.

  Candidates Name of the Award
Best performance (Highest GPA) 3rd  Year Graduates Zebra Technologies Excellence Award
4th  Year Graduates IFS Academic Excellence Award
Best Industrial Training (Awarded for Best Result at Industrial Training in 3rd Year) 3rd /4th  Year Graduates David Peiris Group Gold Medal
Best Final year Project/Research 4th  Year Graduates Sampath Bank Award
Most Outstanding Graduate of the UCSC (Combined award for CS and IS) 4th  Year Graduates Prof. V K Samaranayake Award