The External Degree Centre (EDC) was established in order to manage the external and extension programmes of UCSC in order to provide effective and efficient service to the general public. Currently, EDC coordinates the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) as an external degree programme of the University of Colombo and the Foundation of Information Technology (FIT) as the extension programme to facilitate students who do not have a minimum requirement to register programme.

The Coordinator of the Centre carries out the overall management of the Centre and the Assistant Registrar provides the administrative support for the student registration and other activities. There is a dedicated staff to carry out activities of the external degree Centre.

EDC Activities During 2018

The registration of new BIT Students (more than 1400), Re-registration of current students (more than 3000), Manage Semester 1,3, and 5 Exams during May 2018 (more than 3000) in Colombo, Kandy, Galle and Jaffna, organizing the BIT Award Ceremony for Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) and Higher Diploma in Information Technology (more than 350), Conducting the convocation of BIT External Degree (more than 130), conducting the BIT Semester, 2,4, and 6 Exams (more than 2500 students) in Colombo, Kandy, Galle and Jaffna. EDC also carries out many activities related to the promotion of BIT degree programme.


Senior Assistant Registrar

Ms. S.D. Chandralatha


Mr. L.P. Jayasinghe BSc (Col)(Instructor Gr. I)


  • Ms. Nisanshala¬†Werasooriya (Assistant Registrar)
  • Ms. J.K.D.I.K. Thilakaratne (Clerk)
  • Mr. K.S.U. Kumara (Computer Application Assistant)
  • Ms. G.H.P.I. De Silva (Computer Application Assistant)
  • Ms. S.J. Samarasekara (Project Assistant)
  • Mr. V.S. Fonseka (Multi Duty Assistant)
  • Ms. P.K.G.P. Fernando (Multi Duty Assistant)
  • Mr. H.A.S. Chathuranga (Multi Duty Assistant)
  • Ms. R.P. Balasuriya (Graduate Project Officer)
  • Ms.Nalisha Gajasinghe (Computer Application Assistant)


Conduct the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) External degree Programme.

For more information contact,

The Co-ordinator,
Tel: 074-720511. Fax: 2682331