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The only way we'd be able to keep abreast and forge ahead of others in a corporate sense is to share our individual knowledge in the area of Information and Communication Technology. This Wiki is one great example of a technology which we all need to be familiar with. Blogs, RSS and Podcasts are other technologies we need to be aware of.

In Software Engineering for instance, Agile methods, Extreme Programming and the RUP are things about which maybe we need to have seminars for all academics...

Again, we probably need to structure this space for scalability - please suggest.

Note: I am fully aware that I have violated the ground rule set out in the Main Page - but this is just to illustrate the kind of subject areas we should share here. It is upto YOU to edit this page so that we have nice, succint explanations of what each of these - Blogs, RSS, RUP etc. are all about - even summarizing a wikipedia page for instance.

Useful Tools

A good place to look is the best freeware utilities site. I found a fast PDF reader called Foxit there for instance (since Adobe takes forever to load the first time). Also, in case you haven't already, a move to Mozilla's Firefox browser is well worth it because of increased security and the amazing add-on/extension architecture which has made thousands of improvements to it! You can also POP your webmail (and/or gmail) from Mozilla's Thunderbird email client (which incidentally also has a plug-in architecture), thus minimizing costs on a dialup connection for instance.

Here are some other tools I've found useful.

  • If your home PC does not have legal M$ software you maybe happy to know you can have all of the most important software for free with the OpenCD suite.
  • In case you don't have a laptop and need to commute between two desktop PC's (at office and home for instance), Portable Apps is a suite of the most useful software (mostly free) which can run off your USB stick! So, you can take your email and browser bookmarks with you wherever you go.
  • The best free Mind Mapping software out there...
  • A nifty Thunderbird extension to delete attachments while preserving the email message!
  • PGP Thunderbird extension to get all the fuctionalities of PGP for secure email
  • A tool for backup. MozBackup to backup email, bookmarks, settings etc... in Mozilla software
  • To POP web based email to Thunderbird. WebMail
  • To POP mail from Yahoo! Ypops! works with any non-web email client
  • TrueCrypt can be used to protect your sensitive data or the entire disk drive (including the system drive in windows)

Useful Resources

There is an extremely useful resource on designing, implementing, and maintaining low-cost wireless networks. Its called the Wireless Networking in the Developing World (400+ pages) - a free ebook useful in teaching many of the fundamentals in networking too!

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