kphProf. K.P. Hewagamage (Director)
B.Sc.(Col) , Ph.D.(Hiroshima), SMIEEE

Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Software engineering, eLearning, Mobile Learning/Computing, ICT for Education, ICT based community development and IT Project Management.

ndkProf. N D Kodikara
B.Sc. (Col), Dip in App. Stat. (Col), M.Sc. (Man.), Ph.D. (Man), MBCS, MCSSL, MIEEE

Research Interests: Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Computer Vision

Prof_GihanProf. G N Wikramanayake
B.Sc. (Col), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Cardiff), MCSSL, MACS, FBCS, SMIEEE, CITP

Research Interests: Database Management, e-learning, Social Networks and Applications, Mobile Computing, Green IT, Web 2.0 and beyond, Cloud Data

Senior Lecturers

arwDr. A R Weerasinghe
(On Leave)
B.Sc. (Col), M.Sc. (Cardiff), Ph.D. (Cardiff), MIEEE

Research Interests: Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Machine Translation, Speech Processing

dnrDr. D N Ranasinghe
B.Sc. (Elect. Eng.), M.Sc., DIC (Lond), Ph.D (Cardiff), MIEEE, MIET

Research Interests: GPGPU/Cluster Computing, Distributed Algorithms, Optimisation Heuristics

gpsMr. G P Seneviratne
B.Sc. (Col), PG. Dip in Comp. App. (Col), MSc. (Cardiff), M.Phil. (Cardiff), MIEEE

Research Interests: Natural Algorithms, Machine Learning, Social Networking

gkadMr. G K A Dias
B.Sc. (SL), PG Dip (Essex), M.Phil. (Cardiff), MCSSL, MACM

Research Interests: Computer Aided Software Engineering, Multimedia for Education, Modelling and Simulation, Web Based Learning

ddkDr. D D Karunaratna
B.Sc. (Col), M.Sc. (Swansea), Ph.D. (Cardiff)
Coordinator of e-Learning Centre

Research Interests: GIS Web Services, Semantic Web, Location Based Services, Ontology Engineering

spwDr. G D S P Wimalaratne
B.Sc. (Col), Ph.D. (Salford), SMIEEE, MCSSL

Research Interests: Graphics and Simulation, Mobile Computing, Virtual Reality.

ajaDr. D A S Atukorale (Deputy Director)
B.Sc. (Col), Ph.D. (Queensland), MIEEE, MCSSL

Research Interests: Machine Learning, Computer Networks and Virtualization, Pattern Recognition, Computer Systems, Intelligent Systems, Big Data Analytics

jsgDr. (Mrs.) M D J S Goonetillake
B.Sc. (Col) M.Sc. (Keele) Ph.D. (Cardiff)

Research Interests: Sensor network Data management, Data security, Social networks and applications, Data management in mobile applications, NOSQL data stores

kasunDr. T N K De Zoysa
B.Sc. (Col) Ph.D. (Stockholm,) MIEEE

Research Interests: Information Security, Sensor Networks, Embedded Systems

hlpDr. H L Premaratne
B.Sc. (SL), PG. Dip. in Comp. Tec (Col), M.Sc. (Col), Ph.Lic. (Chalmers), Ph.D. (Chalmers), MCS (SL), MIEEE

Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Pattern Recognition

cikDr. C I Keppitiyagama
B.Sc. (Col), M.Sc. (British Columbia) Canada, Ph.D. (British Columbia, Canada,) MIEEE

Research Interests: Computer Networks, Distributed Systems, Operating Systems

kljDr. K L Jayaratne
B.Sc. (Col) Ph.D. (Western Sydney, Australia),MCSSL, MIEEE, MACS

Research Interests: Multimedia Information Management, Intelligent Web Interaction, Web information Management and Retrieval, Web Search Optimization, Audio Music Monitoring

rtsDr. T Sritharan
B.Sc. (Hons)(Jaffna)Ph.D. (Sussex,UK)

Research Interests: Positive Operators in Ordered Spaces

sdaDr. (Mrs.) S M K D Arunatileka
B.Sc. (Col), MBA (SJP) Ph. D. (Western Sydney, Australia)
Coordinator of Professional Development Centre

Research Interests: ICT for Development, eBusiness, eTransformation, eHealth, ICT for Economic/Social Development, IT Strategic planning, Music and IT

ayeDr. (Mrs.) Y. Ekanayaka
B.Sc. (UK), Ph.D. (Brunel)

Research Interests: Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management, Business Process Management, eGovernment, ICT for Development, IT Outsourcing, Strategic Use of IT

hacDr. H A Caldera
B.Sc. (Col), PG Dip in Comp Tec, M.Sc. (Col), Ph.D. (Western Sydney, Australia)

Research Interests: Data Mining, Web Mining, Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD), Data Analysis on Very Large Databases

nasDr. M G N A S Fernando
B.Sc. (Col), M.Sc.(Col), Ph.D (Col), MCSSL, MIEEE, SEDA(UK)

Research Interests: Data Mining, ICT Education in Sri Lanka, Algorithms, MIS, ICT and Society, e-government, Blended Learning Lecturers

hauDr. T M H A Usoof
B.Sc. (Pdn), Ph.D. (Umea University, Sweden)

Research Interests: e-Learning, ICT in Education, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, e Governance, Distributed Systems, Middleware

rndDr. M D R N Dayaratne
B.Sc. (Col), Ph.D. (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Research Interests: Information Security and Audit, Information Privacy

crwMrs. M W A C R Wijesinghe
B.Sc.(Pdn), PG Dip(Col), M.Sc.(Col), M.Phil.(Col)

Research Interests: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology

wvwMr.Viraj Welgama
B.Sc.(Col), M.Phil.(Col)

Research Interests: Computational Morphology, Computational Linguistics, Automatic Text Summarization , Natural Language Processing, Text Processing

hbeDr. H E M H B Ekanayake
B.Sc. (Col), M.Phil. (Col), Ph.D. (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Research Interests: Affective Computing, Cognitive Robotics, Embedded Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Serious Games, Brain Computer Interface


stnMr. S T Nandasara
B. Dev. (Col), MACM, MCSSL, MACS, MBCS, (Currently reading for Ph.D. at the Nagaoka University of Technology)
Coordinator of Advanced Digital Multimedia Technology Centre 

Research Interests: Asian Language Computing

mksMr. K P M K Silva
B.Sc. (Col) M.Sc. (York)

Research Interests: High Performance Computing, Parallel Computing, Computer Architecture

lncMs. L N C De Silva
B.Sc. (Pdn), (Currently reading for Ph.D. at the UCSC)

Research Interests: Information Systems, Social Life Networks, Mobile Computing, Software Engineering

ampDr. F H A M Premachandra
B.Sc. in CS (Col), Ph.D. (Australian National University)

Research Interests: Prediction Markets, Machine Learning

tawDr. (Mrs.) T A Weerasinghe
B.Sc. (Col), M.Sc. in IT (Col), Lic. Phil. (Stockholm) Ph.D (Stockholm)

Research Interests: e-Learning, Instructional Design, Multimedia Technologies

mieMr. M I E Wickramasinghe
B.Sc. (Col), (Currently reading for Ph.D. at the Monash University)

Research Interests: Unsupervised Machine Learning, Data Mining, Neural Networks, Player Modelling, Adaptive Games

sspMr. S S P Matara Arachchi
B.Sc. (OUSL), PG. Dip. (Com.Tech.), PG. Dip. (IM), M.Sc.(IM), MCSSL, (Currently reading for Ph.D. at MSU, Malaysia)

Research Interests: Enterprise Resource Planning, Internet Application Development, Web Accessibility, Information Management, Software Quality Assurance, eLearning

rsmMr. R S Madanayake
B.Sc. (Col), M.Sc. in IT (Col)

Research Interests: Software Engineering, Ontologies, Computing for the Visually Handicapped

defaultMr. H M Siriwardana (On Leave)
B.Sc. (Pdn), M.Sc. (Col)


ujpMrs. K P U Jayasinghe
B.Sc. (Col)

Research Interests: Game Based Learning, Image Processing, Computer Graphics

defaultMs. R M P N Somaratne (On Leave)
B.Sc.(SLIIT), MCS(SL), MIEEE, (Currently reading for M.Sc. at the UCSC)

Research Interests: ICT4D, e- Health, e – governance, Information systems

tchMr. H K T C Halloluwa (On Leave)
B.Sc.(SLIIT), MIEEE, (Currently reading for M.Phil. at the UCSC)

Research Interests: Technology Enhanced Learning, Game Based Learning, Gamification

vbwMr. V.B.Wijesuriya
B.Sc.(Col), M.Sc. (University of Oxford)

Research Interests: Machine Learning, Formal Verification, Algorithms, Computational Linguistics


lpjMr. L P Jayasinghe
B.Sc. (Col)


gpnMr. G P N Boteju
B.Com. (Col), PG Dip in Comp Tec (Col)


Temporary Academic Staff
Name Designation
1 Dr. K H E L W Hettiarachchi Senior Lecturer Gr. II (On Contract)
2 Dr. P V K G Gunawardana Senior Lecturer Gr. II (On Contract)
3 Dr. K D Sandaruwan Senior Lecturer Gr. II (On Contract)
4 Dr. S Mahesan Senior Lecturer Gr. I (On Assignment)
Temporary Academic Support Staff – Assistant Lecturers
Name Designation
1 Ms. B D L Perera Temporary Assistant Lecturer
2 Ms. P L C S Silva Temporary Assistant Lecturer
3 Mr. D D A C J Jayalath Temporary Assistant Lecturer
4 Ms.G K D B Kiriella Temporary Assistant Lecturer
5 Ms. C R Oruthotaarachchi Temporary Assistant Lecturer
6 Mr. A P Sayakkara Temporary Assistant Lecturer
7 Ms. A M T I Wijesiriwardene Temporary Assistant Lecturer
8 Ms. P A Kariyawasam Temporary Assistant Lecturer
9 Mr. R A H D Perera Temporary Assistant Lecturer
10 Ms. D N Perera Temporary Assistant Lecturer
11 Ms. K A N S Harischandra Temporary Assistant Lecturer
12 Ms. R M U A Rathnayake Temporary Assistant Lecturer
13 Mr. R N Rajapakse Temporary Assistant Lecturer
Temporary Academic Support Staff – Temporary Instructors
Name Designation
1 Ms. S D Gunawardhana Instructor in English (on Contract)
2 Ms. Dahanayaka J K Temporary Instructor
3 Ms. M G A Srimaalee Temporary Instructor
4 Mr. T W D Lakshan Temporary Instructor
5 Mr. K A R Perera Temporary Instructor
6 Ms. M B P Dissanayake Temporary Instructor
7 Ms. L R Ediriweera Temporary Instructor
8 Mr. G M T C Galahena Temporary Instructor
9 Ms. K M H B Abeyrathna Temporary Instructor
10 Ms. N T K Naulla Temporary Instructor
11 Ms. W G Dulakshi Vihanga Temporary Instructor
12 Ms. K M S Thilakaratne Temporary Instructor
13 Ms. S G Susanthi Temporary Instructor
14 Ms. K W N S Anuradhani Temporary Instructor
15 Mr. R J Amaraweera Temporary Instructor
16 Ms. S W A D M Samarasinghe Temporary Instructor
17 Mr. V A Isuru Temporary Instructor
18 Mr. T G A S M De Silva Temporary Instructor
19 Ms. S Lavendini Temporary Instructor
20 Mr. M A I M Dharamadasa Temporary Instructor
21 Ms. K G P I Madhushanika Temporary Instructor
22 Mr. T M O C V Tennakoon Temporary Instructor