UCSC Emerges Victorious At Imagine Cup Local Finale: All Island Winners In Games Category

UCSC Emerges Victorious At Imagine Cup Local Finale: All Island Winners In Games Category

The dawn of 25th of April 2014 marked a day of immense significance for the young participants of the prestigious Microsoft Imagine Cup competition; inclusive of the teams representing UCSC, as they filed into the premises of University of Peradeniya with the anticipation of knowing the ultimate result of months of hard work and commitment. This was the much awaited awards ceremony which concluded the several rounds of rigorous judging, from which a handful of teams were selected as apt to be presented for Imagine Cup local finals. Being one of the most renowned competitions for novel innovations based on technology, Imagine Cup organized by Microsoft Sri Lanka, sees the submission of hundreds of creations by undergraduates from local universities under several categories. Hence, emerging victorious in local finals and getting selected to represent our nation in the world semis is an absolute dream come true for these young enthusiasts, who yearn to bring honor to their country and universities.

Team “Fat and Thin Studios” of University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) emerged as the all island winners of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014 in the Games category, becoming eligible to represent Sri Lanka at theonline world semifinals. Consisting of four members who are undergraduates of UCSC, currently in their third year, Buddhi Senarathne, Manidu Wijewickrama, Praveen Samarakone and Sandaruwan Gunasinghe savor the result of working tirelessly day and night to emerge victorious at this immensely competitive event.

Once upon a time, there was a bird. A little bird, but with big dreams. It wanted to become the Best, “‘The Ultimate Bird”. So how does a little bird, learn to become the best? It goes to “Bird Academy”

The mobile game, “Bird Academy” was designed around this simple concept. It is a story of a bird who wants to be the best, an idea that we are all familiar with. It uses a one-of-a kind game play control mechanism which is to tap and tilt at the same time to control this bird. “Bird Academy” which brought honor and recognition to the team, is an innovative 2D, arcade type game. The attractiveness and novelty of the concept was much evident, hence placing it first among many submissions under the games category.

Following their achievement in national level, team “Fat and Thin Studios” are now preparing to present their creation at the world semifinals of Imagine Cup 2014. Furthermore, two other teams from UCSC secured the places of 1st Runners up and 2nd Runners up in World Citizenship and Innovation categories respectively.