Android pay – no more bulgier purses!

Android pay – No bulgier purses!

Credit cards and debit cards make purchase much easier, yet stumbling with number of cards while a large queue waits behind you, finding out you’ve left your card home after you’ve made all those large purchases etc. all these awkward moments probably made you hate those cards. And yes, a solution has been invented and that is android pay by google.

Android pay is a mobile payment service like apple pay and Samsung pay. It can be installed in android smart phones and android wearable devices. You almost do everything online with your smart phone and now it’s smarter you can pay with it too. This system is designed to let people purchase items and services both online and in real world. It was first introduced in US, now it has expanded and is on its peak, this app has gained popularity and is available in UK, Canada, Ireland, Poland, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Belgium, japan, Russia and New Zealand. It is also planned to launch in South Korea and Brazil later in 2017.

NFC terminal

Google’s payment service uses near field communication(NFC) technology. Debit or credit card information should be stored on the android pay account by the user, and whenever they want to pay using android pay they just have to place their phone near the retailer’s point of sale terminal. A signal send through NFC hardware send the payment information from the phone or watch to the POS terminal. And there is also an additional feature that is android pay can also be used on some NFC enabled ATMs so users can get cash easily from their bank account without the need to pullout cards. You can also store number of gift cards and retailer rewards cards on your account which means other than ID card of yours, you don’t need to carry any other cards with you.

But I am sure you all have one doubt in your minds. How secure is this? What happens if my phone is hacked, will my credit card also get hacked with this? And google sure has certainly thought of all that also. If your phone has a fingerprint scanner, it can be used to verify the user within the app. Android pay users can also type in a passcode to do the same process if your phone doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner. When you use your phone to send an android pay based payment to an NFC terminal, a randomly generated 16-digit number is sent, rather than your credit card and personal info. That is, if that terminal or the store is hacked your personal financial info will still be secure. Once again that random number is stored in a cloud server for some additional protection. And finally payments are valid only if your phone is working and unlocked.

It is different from apple pay and Samsung pay because, apple pay works only in apple phones and Samsung pay supports only a selected number of galaxy smart phones. But android pay is available for all smart phone users. To install android pay, download android pay from google play store. Next you tap on the “+” sign to add a credit card or debit card from your supported bank. If your smart watch has android wear 2.0 installed, you can also set it up so that you can pay for goods and services via android pay. You can set up passwords or pattern for security. Android pay launched with just countable financial institutions and recently they added 17 new banks and credit unions to the list. Still those banks could be unfamiliar to you. It would take some time for all banks to support android pay. The stores which support android pay are also increasing in number. Stores that support android pay display the android pay logo as an easy way for customers to identify. McDonalds, KFC, GameStop, Best Buy and many other companies have already started to accept in-app purchases via Android Pay. And you can also earn and redeem your loyalty points automatically with android pay app. So finally, this android pay app is going to make shopping much more interesting and less stressful! So don’t wait for it just go for it!


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