To produce Computing graduates having extracurricular skills such as professional skills, business skills, communication skills, community service skills, innovative capacity, and entrepreneurship to pursue successful careers thereby contributing to the socio-economic development of Sri Lanka.To produce socially responsible professionals with entrepreneurial skills, leadership qualities, and integrity.

What we do

The Professional Development Centre (PDC) is one of the centers at UCSC, established to enhance the quality of internal degree programs and others by addressing the issues of professional skills, industrial relevance and social and inter-cultural harmony. This would lead to the overall improvement of the quality of undergraduate programs and thereby creating a value addition that results in enhancing graduate quality and employability. The PDC had identified three broad themes to pursue its mission statement;

  • Professional Skills
  • Quality and Relevance
  • Social and inter-cultural Harmony


  • Tech Talks

Industry sessions conducted by professionals, on recent technologies and practices applied in the industry. Students are required to participate in these sessions in their 2nd and 3rd years of undergraduate study to get an idea on the skills they should acquire before joining the industry.


  • Guest Lectures

Lectures conducted by professionals on professional skills, ethics, and legalities, with the aim of improving the quality of students joining the industry (offered to 3rd Year undergraduates)


  • Industry Workshops

Companies offering internship opportunities for UCSC undergraduates will be given an opportunity to present the company profile and their capabilities/opportunities to motivate students to have their internship in the respective company/industry.


  • Mock interviews

A Mock interview is an opportunity, extended to undergraduates in their 3rd year for the purpose of providing experience for a candidate to train themselves to face a real interview. Mock interviews will be conducted by different companies registered under UCSC internship program and during the training the students will be guided on CV preparation and communication skills.


  • Industrial Placement Program

A 5-6 months program, where the students will be placed in different IT companies (registered under UCSC internship program) to get the exposure to practically use the knowledge they have acquired during the university course. At the end of this period, students will be called for a viva and their progress/achievements will be evaluated.


  • Industrial Placement Monitoring Program

A team from UCSC will visit the places where the interns are placed after 2/3 months of their internship. During this visit, UCSC will get the opportunity to monitor the progress of the interns and to discuss any issues from the perspective of a student/company.


  • Professional Skill Development Program

Staff Members


Dr. (Mrs.) Lasanthi.N.C De Silva – Lecturer

Team PDC

Dr. (Mrs) H. N. D. Thilini  –

Ms. G. Kokila. K Perera – Assistant Lecturer

Mr. Gihan Jasinghe (Project Officer)

Ms. Waruni Samarawickrama (Project Officer)

Contact Information


Professional Development Centre,

University of Colombo School of Computing,

35, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7

e-mail:             pdc@ucsc.cmb.ac.lk

Telephone:       +94 -011-2158912 / 2158969

Fax:                 +94-1-2587239