How to download the UCSCSellinam application to your phone?


How to get Tamil SMS software to phone?

This Tamil SMS software can be downloaded into your phone. Here are the steps:

• Check that you have a compatible phone with WAP enabled.
• Point your WAP browser to soon new short URL will be available.)
• Select the “Download TamilSMS” link. This will download and install the software
  on to your phone.
• Once the installation is complete, look for Tamil SMS application in your
  “Games and Others” or Applications folder. Select it to start. You will
  be prompted for permissions to send and receive messages, answer
(Note : The recipient phone should have UCSCSellinam application to receive the message)

The following text description is not mandatory but if the people who knows J2ME(Jave2 Micro Edition) can get some idea. The above steps are important to downloads the application.

Download the source code and JAD and JAR files on to your computer of the UCSCSellinam application. This application was developed using the language J2ME(Jave2 Micro Edition).

Some latest phones are supporting to copy the .jad,and .jar files to the mobile phones through data cable or Bluetooth. If we are able to put these two files into the phone then run the .jad file then application will be installed in to your phone. If you install successfully then no need to download through GPRS. This facility is not available in all the phones but only in the very latest phones. Don't try to install .jar file instead of .jad file because there are some configurations exist in the .jad file. So install .jad file this will take care of .jar file and install successfully. But both files should be in the same place in the phone. Then only, when we install the .jad file, this .jad file will take internally and install .jar file also. From the following links you can download .jad,.jar files.