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Sinhala Enabling Pack (15.86 MB) zip
Installation of this pack will enable the Unicode support for Sinhala, for Microsoft® Windows® XP(sp2) and Microsoft® Office 2003® (sp1).
Sinhala OCR (6.79 MB) zip
Optical Character Recognizer software for Sinhala
akaradi - Trilingual Lexicon (for Windows) (18.2 MB) zip
(download this if you don't have Python or wxPython installed.)
akaradi - Trilingual Lexicon (for Windows) (1.44 MB) zip
(download this if you already have Python 2.5 and wxPython 2.7 or higher installed.)
akaradi - Trilingual Lexicon (Linux) (1.40 MB) zip
This application expects Python (>=v2.5) and relevant wxGTK libraries (usually called libwxgtk) to be available in your system.
Sinhala Syllabification Tool (1.5 MB) zip
(download this, if the system already has .NET installed.)
Sinhala Syllabification Tool (27.8 MB) zip
with Microsoft® .NET Framework 1.0 redistributable
Word List (291 KB) zip
This word list consists of 70142 distinct Sinhala words extracted from the UCSC/LTRL Sinhala Corpus Beta Version April 2005.
UCSC/LTRL Sinhala Corpus Beta Version - April 2005 (2.2 MB) zip
UCSC/LTRL Sinhala Corpus is one of the main outputs of the PAN Localization project. Present beta release of the corpus contains around 650 000 words; 70 000 distinct words.
Sinhala Unicode font conversion utility version 4.1 (912 KB) zip
Font converter allows you to convert the texts that in legacy font specific, into Unicode text.
Sinhala Unicode LTRL keyboard driver(BETA) [modified transliteration scheme] (370 KB) zip
Sarasavi : Sinhala Unicode Font (604 KB)

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