elcE-Learning Centre was established in 2002 at the University of Colombo School of Computing to provide e-learning Service to both internal and external students of UCSC.

UCSC external degree program, BIT  was supported by e-learning service from 2003 using learning management facilities.

The National e-Learning Centre will serve as central hub that encourages e-Learning and supports other universities, academic institutes, research organizations and e-Learning users of the country.


  • The selection of a Learning Management System (LMS): This is already well underway with an LMS developed and translated by Theducation of Sweden being selected as a suitable platform for e-Learning for BIT students.
  • Under the eBIT project, the content development for the 1st and 2nd semester is currently in progress.
  • Open source platforms for LMS are being investigated to see how they can be adopted to local context and its already testing with the involvement of the internal students.
  • Investigations are also done to make it possible to translate the content with ease to local languages, Sinhala and Tamil.
  • The research and development team started evaluating several e-learning tools to enhance its services. As a result of these activities, e-Learning Centre extended its learning management services to internal undergraduate and postgraduate programs by setting up separate LMS servers.
  • Internal Students: http://uglms.ucsc.cmb.ac.lk/
  • BIT Students: http://vle.bit.lk
  • Postgraduate Students: https://pglms.ucsc.cmb.ac.lk
  • The enrichment of the learning process: this has been greatly facilitated by the designing of quizzes, assignments and electronic seminars for BIT students as part of a continuous assessment component to the existing programme via the internet using the LMS.



Dr. D.D. Karunaratne – BSc (Col), MSc (Swansea), PhD(Cardiff), MCS(SL)(Senior Lecturer Gr. I)


  • Ms. K.M.G.B. Nishakumari – BSc(Col) , BIT(Col), MSc(Edinburgh) (Research Assistant) (Team Leader)
  • Mr.G.S. Hettiarachchi – BIT(Col) (Software Developer)
  • Ms. S.  Arunasalam – BSc(Col) (Instructional Designer)
  • Ms.K.N. Jeewani – BCSc(Col) (Instructional Designer)
  • Ms.R. Tharsini – BCSc(Col) (Instructional Designer)
  • Ms. K.K.A. Nishanthi (Content Developer)
  • Ms. J.A.N.N. Jayakody (Content Developer)
  • Ms. K.A. Weerakkody (Jonior Instructional Designer)