Department of Information Systems Engineering (ISE) consists of permanent academic staff members who have direct interest on information engineering. Most of these staff members teach courses at undergraduates as well as post graduate programmes at the UCSC.

Head of the Department

jsgDr. (Mrs.) M D J S Goonetillake
B.Sc. (Col) M.Sc. (Keele) Ph.D. (Cardiff)

Email: sgj@ucsc.cmb.ac.lk
Research Interests: Sensor network Data management, Data security, Social networks and applications, Data management in mobile applications, NOSQL data stores


  • Prof. G.N. Wikramanayake – BSc(Col), MSc(Cardiff), PhD(Cardiff), MCS(SL), MACS, MBCS, CITP, SMIEEE (Professor/Head QAC)
  • Mr. G.K.A. Dias – BSc(Col), PGDip(Essex), MIDPM, MACS, MCS(SL), MPhil(Cardiff) (Senior Lecturer Gr. I)
  • Dr. (Mrs.) M.D.J.S. Goonatillake – BSc(Col), MSc(Keel), PhD(Cardiff) (Senior Lecturer Gr. I/Head ISE)
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Y. Ekanayaka – BSc(UK), PhD(Brunel) (Senior Lecturer Gr. II)
  • Dr. (Mrs.) S.M.K.D. Arunatilake – BSc(Col), MBA (SJP), PhD(Western Sydney) (Senior Lecturer Gr. II)
  • Dr. H.A. Caldera – BSc(Col), PGDip(Col), MSc(Col), PhD(Western Sydney)(Senior Lecturer Gr. I)
  • Dr. M.G. Noel A.S. Fernando – BSc (Col), MSc (Col), PhD(Col) MCS(SL), MIEEE, SEDA(UK) (Senior Lecturer Gr. II)
  • Mrs. M.W.A.C.R. Wijesinghe – BSc(Pdn), PGDip(Col), MSc(Col), MPhil(Col) (Senior Lecturer Gr. II)
  • Mr. W.V. Welgama – BSc(Col), MPhil(Col) (Senior Lecturer Gr. II)
  • Dr. Ms. T.A. Weerasinghe – BSc(Col), PGDip, MSc(Col), PhLic(Stockholm), PhD(Stockholm) (Lecturer (P))
  • Ms. R.M.P.N. Somaratne – BSc(SLIIT), MSc(Kln) (Lecturer (P)) (Study leave)
  • Mr. L.P. Jayasinghe – BSc(Col) (Instructor Gr. I)
  • Dr. T Sritharan B.Sc. (Hons)(Jaffna)Ph.D. (Sussex,UK)
  • Mr. H K T C Halloluwa B.Sc.(SLIIT), MIEEE (Study Leave)